The addition of the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) harness on the inside, technology that is now standard in both bike and ski helmets, helps reduce the chances of concussion by deflecting certain impacts and reducing impact forces. Adjustability accounts for 20% of a product's final score. Likewise, the Salomon QST Charge Helmet is designed for backcountry skiing, is light at 380g and has adjustable air vents for when it gets warm. Offering an outstanding selection of the best outdoor gear brands and friendly, knowledgeable advice for all levels of climbers, skiers & adventurers. Searching for the best climbing helmet? These meet norms UIAA 106 and/or EN 12492, which are ratings for impact from above. All good things still have their downsides, and the Sirocco is no exception. The tension of the harness inside the helmet is not the only way that helmets are adjustable. Since it serves one well on a tight budget, we are happy to recognize it as an optimal value selection. What we look for is something that can hold up to the normal wear and tear of loose rocks, roofs you didn't see coming, and a normal amount of ice shelling without needing replacement. While all of the climbing helmets in this review passed a series of standardized impact tests, their day-to-day durability varies quite a bit. The chin strap itself must also be adjustable, and most are simple and easily adjusted. Pro Ski and Mountain Service is a premier ski and mountain shop located in the foothills of the Cascades in North Bend, WA. There are two common methods. Hagan Alpine Touring Accessories. Discover Nencini Sport's Mountaineering Ski - Sports catalog: lots of products selected for you. But when I am using the helmet both for the bootpack up and for the ski down, the Couloir 2 feels right at home. We've also carefully evaluated all helmets in comparison to each other for six different metrics that play critical roles in performance. The brand Cébé is specialized in the creation of sport and lifestyle sunglasses (with a real expertise in running and mountaineering sunglasses), and also ski goggles and helmets. Its lightweight makes it a breeze to carry in the pack, and the MIPS and Koroyd construction provide the protection we would prefer in a resort helmet. It seems to strike an ideal balance between high performance and lower price and performs better than the similarly constructed EPS/polycarbonate helmets against which we tested it. Like all helmets that use a similar click wheel, adjustment of this helmet is very easy by simply turning the click wheel one way to tighten the tensioning band, and the other to loosen it. This helmet costs half of what the super-light foam ones run. Looking for a climbing backpack for your multi-pitch... MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), Wearing a climbing helmet is never a bad idea, the Black Diamond Vapor, which at seven ounces, Singing Rock Penta stands out for its incredibly low weight, the Black Diamond Vector, whose shell punctured the first time we put it down, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Pros: Includes the MIPS BPS, comfortable fit, highly adjustable, more durable than most foam helmets, Super light, very comfortable, great ventilation, versatile for use while ski mountaineering, protects all sides of head, Lightweight, easily adjustable with slider bar, not as expensive as Sirocco, well ventilated, Adjustable, good headlamp clips, ventilates well, Not super light, pricey, black absorbs heat from sun, Not as durable as ABS options, expensive, less easily adjustable, magnetic buckle not for everyone, Fragile, chin strap doesn't adjust forward, removable headlamp clips are easy to lose or forget, Magnetic buckle collects dirt, not as cheap as BD Half Dome, Easy to over-tighten, chin strap buckles under chin and not to the side, The optimal combination of the MIPS harness with EPP foam for side impact and a durable ABS plastic shell, You want a helmet that you are never annoyed to wear, and this is that helmet, Lightweight and comfortable but can't even be put in your pack without denting it, A highly adjustable climbing and ski mountaineering helmet made of EPS foam, Not the lightest foam helmet but more adjustable than others, EPP and EPS foam, ABS shell, with MIPS liner. If you do take a big hit to your helmet, either from rock, ice, or a fall, check it thoroughly for any deformities in the plastic shell or cracking of the inner foam. The harness system inside of the helmet is a critical component of comfort. Ski mountaineering helmets have a particularly tough trifecta of tasks: vent well enough to be worn on the up, protect well enough to be worn on the down and light enough to not get tossed back in the car at the trailhead. In fact, the EPS foam used to make these helmets is no different than the polystyrene that is most commonly used as an insulator of cheap coolers and take out containers. For competitive ski-mountaineering, refer to the rules and regulations that apply in your country. This thing can take a beating for years without showing much sign of wear. The CAMP Speed Comp is unique: not only is it a climbing helmet, it doubles as a ski mountaineering helmet as well. We also find the elastic strap method found on the Black Diamond Vision MIPS, Petzl Sirocco, Meteor, and Edelrid Salathe to be quite easy and effective. hotter on the climb), but are more comfortable for skiing and interface better with goggles. That said, for new climbers or those on a budget, the downsides will likely be far outweighed by the Half Dome's attractive price. A small polycarbonate plate protects the EPS foam "puck" that ensures adequate protection from falling objects that would hit on the top of the head. The jury is still out on whether to use a ski or climbing helmet for ski mountaineering, and I tend to go back and forth. Its less-accommodating fit, though, kept it from being very useful to many of our testers. which helmets currently on the market have both of these certifications. But don’t get this confused with the Petzl Meteor’s ski-touring certification—the Speed Comp takes it to another level with a beefy build worthy of a more speed-oriented alpine skiing and skimo cert. The Black Diamond Half Dome is one of the most adjustable helmets in this review and is also one of the easiest to adjust. Adjustments are made with one or two buckles and pull tabs on the back of the head, and while some of them can be adjusted while wearing the helmet, it's also fairly common to need to take the helmet off to fine-tune the adjusting. On the other hand, plastic slider bars have notches or grooves cut out of them where another piece of plastic latches, keeping the helmet tight. Helmets; Price-Go . At only 12 ounces, this helmet was designed with long, human-powered days in mind and includes removable earpads and a fast drying, anti-bacterial liner. CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON. Buy Ski Touring Helmets now online at Sport Conrad Large selection of Ski Touring Helmets Free shipping over 40 € in DE & AT Fast delivery The lightweight and very well ventilated Black Diamond Vapor and the slightly beefier Vector were also popular choices for the most comfortable among testers. For the most part, the heavier ABS hardshell models prove more durable for every day climbing than the lightweight foam ones, which protect their foam with much thinner polycarbonate shells. Regardless of which one you decide to buy, it won't do you any good if you don't wear it. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Categories : Winter > Helmets, Ski Goggles > Hiking / Mountaineering Helmet Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items Sort by-20%. The Petzl Sirocco and Mammut Wall Rider also have a lot of vents. Other comfortable choices are the Mammut Wall Rider MIPS and the standard version of the Wall Rider, which have similar amounts of ventilation and a lightweight harness compared to the Sirocco, but fit a bit more shallowly on the head and are rounder. The EPP foam has rebounding properties, absorbing impacts without cracking. Recognized as one of the most legendary mountain shops in the world, Neptune has been getting people geared up for climbing, skiing, camping & hiking for over 45 years. % These clips are sometimes removable and often recessed into the design, so they don't stick out or catch on gear, clothing, or branches. According to the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), 80 percent of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets at U.S. ski resorts. Hagan Ski Mountaineering - the finest backcountry skis, alpine ski touring boots, bindings, mohair climbing skins, junior ski touring skis & bindings since 1924. You will be able to choose among our brands including Skitrab light mountaineering helmets that will protect you under all circumstances. Skis, boots & poles; Mountaineering Helmet; Avalanche rescue kit; Private Instruction. The one that holds up the best to climbing and cramming into a pack is the Black Diamond Half Dome. 1. We've found models that solve all of these problems, so you will have no excuse not to wear one. These tensioning bands can also lead to stuck hairs, something to consider if you have long hair. We also need something we can pack in our backpacks without cracking and accidentally drop from a few feet without shattering. The CAMP Storm helmet replacing the incredibly popular Speed helmet, which protected the heads of skimo racers and alpinists across the globe. Keep reading below to see which were the best in each category. On the other end is the Black Diamond Vector, whose shell punctured the first time we put it down. However, in every other way, the Skywalker 2 is highly adjustable, featuring a click wheel tensioning system. Now picture wearing two of them on top of your head for ten pitches — we're sure you'd notice it. Singing Rock Kappa Climb Helmet Blue. We also judged each adjustment system's efficacy — how easy it is to adjust properly and quickly with the helmet on the head. It has the most open construction of any of the EPS foam models that we tested, with the most significant vents and best ventilation. The mountaineering helmet ? In terms of performance, it’s a nice compromise between skiing and climbing helmets. Liberty Mountain Rock Master Helmet Small Red. For years, ISMF required our skimo racing helmets to meet only the UIAA 106 or EN 12492 standards. Features. Indeed, in recent winter seasons we have noticed that hiking and mountaineering are sports that are increasingly practiced. Add in a comfortable fit, excellent ventilation, and easy to use headlamp clips that are also usable with ski goggles for ski mountaineering missions, and the Sirocco is truly a helmet designed for all purposes. With over 2 decades of retail and international mountain guiding experience inspiring our business we offer world class gear, product design and innovation and an exceptional customer experience. As for the comments regarding the effectiveness of wearing a helmet, most of you seem to be focusing only on high-speed impacts and completely ignore the “mountaineering” part of “ski-mountaineering”. This helmet suits both climbing and ski mountaineering, with a rear elastic bungee that can hold a headlamp strap or ski goggles, and with CE certification for ski mountaineering use. Developed for ski-mountaineering, the Sweet Protection Ascender MIPS snow helmet is lightweight for the uphill, protective for downhills and triple-certified for anywhere you venture in the mountains. When heading into terrain where crampons and an ice axe (or two) are required, a helmet offers genuine protection from falling objects (rock or ice). Helmets specific to ski touring and ski mountaineering competitions also have the mountaineering standard (CE EN 12492). The V-yoke is not always adjustable, like on the Black Diamond Vapor (left). We think it is the best climbing helmet you can currently buy. Are you planning a backcountry ski tour? After months of the rock climbing in a variety of locations and conditions, we scored each model for its comfort, adjustability, weight, ventilation, headlamp attachment, and durability. The result is the best recommendations for all different budgets, outlined below. Finally, since it's not completely covered in polycarbonate, care is needed to ensure it doesn't get damaged inside or outside your pack. As a sport, ski mountaineering has evolved out prehistoric man’s necessity to move over hilly and mountainous terrain in an effective way during the snowy winter months. ... Poles, helmets, backpacks. It's where his gaze naturally turns when looking to plan a fun day of ski touring in a place where there is a lower risk of unexpected hazards. Lightweight Ski Mountaineering Boots – race derived lightweight touring boots have been developed for keen tourers wanting to save as much weight as possible. The Meteor is a lightweight EPS foam helmet with a polycarbonate shell that is ideal for any style of climbing, as well as skiing and ski mountaineering. Helmet testing takes place in real-world situations. Many opt for an even narrower ski and ultra-lightweight touring bindings to shed weight where they can. Petzl America Shop By. Bottes de ski; Bottes de télémark; Bottes d'escalade de glace; Semelles; Accessoires. In general, helmets that ventilated well had more holes than those that ventilate poorly. Here are the basics that you need to know to clean and disinfect your PPE, whether an amateur outdoor sports enthusiast, or a professional managing a fleet of outdoor PPE. Set Descending Direction. The choice of your hiking and/or mountaineering helmet If you are a fan of ski touring or mountaineering and you don't have a helmet yet but you are determined to complete your equipment for optimal protection, you've come to the right place. We also appreciate the greatly enhanced durability and likely life span from a complete hard ABS shell. Some helmets are deep and oblong, while others are shallower or rounder. We also appreciate the carefully molded combination of EPP foam on the sides — a softer, light, and more malleable foam that protects from side impacts and is impressively resilient — combined with an EPS foam and polycarbonate piece on the crown of the head that provides more bomber protection against falling projectiles hitting us from above. Material: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Foam. Since ski touring often requires mountaineering gear, especially a harness, Petzl makes three dedicated mountaineering and ski-mountaineering harnesses. Enter Sweet Protection’s new Ascender helmet with MIPS. The Sirocco uses expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam that doesn't require a polycarbonate shell over the entire helmet to distribute the impact. Even more importantly, we find that weight is a major factor in overall comfort. Petzl Boreo ($60) Weight: 10.1 oz. This is all covered with ABS, a much more durable type of plastic shell than the very thin and super easy to dent and damage polycarbonate found on BD's other helmets. (For those keeping track of certifications, the Sweet Ascender passes the U.S. Alpine Ski Helmet (ASTM F2040-11), European Ski Helmet (EN 1077:2007 - Class B), and Mountaineering (EN 12492) standards). Liberty Mountain Rock Master Helmet Small White. They are very light helmets that protect against rock fall more than collisions. Recommendations for disinfecting your personal protective equipment. an indispensable protection in high mountains Alpinstore leaves you a large choice of mountaineering helmets. The lightweight Petzl Sirocco helping protect us from the potential of falling debris, while not costing us much in weight in the pack for the long approaches. We've taken the same care with our finishes so that each helmet perfectly combines protection, comfort and style. As another useful feature that is not the most critical aspect of helmet performance, headlamp attachment accounted for only 10% of a product's overall score. THE PEAK ski helmet is the perfect companion when aiming for the summits with the best virgin slopes. Salomon MTN Lab Ski And Mountaineering Helmet. We also like the durability of the Petzl Boreo, though the surface of its shell seems more prone to cosmetic scrapes than the Half Dome. The Smith Maze is the lightest ski helmet that I know of, weighing only 11oz. Another aspect of value worth considering is durability, something we assess for and describe in more detail below. Before this, she spent many years climbing Yosemite's granite walls, working on YOSAR in Camp Four. The Black Diamond Vapor is also very light-duty when it comes to dents, dings, and other cosmetic damages for simple regular use. The standout for this category is the Black Diamond Vapor. Experiencing annoyance in the form of weight, heat, or discomfort may actually translate into you wearing a helmet less often, thereby not even giving it a chance to do its job. VANRORA Ski Helmet, Snowboard Helmet, Climate Control Venting, Dial Fit, Goggles Compatible, Removable Fleece Liner and Ear Pads, Safety-Certified Snow Helmet for Men & Women 5.0 out of 5 stars 40 $54.99 $ 54 . Ski mountaineering (abbreviated to skimo) is a skiing discipline that involves climbing mountains either on skis or carrying them, depending on the steepness of the ascent, and then descending on skis. Lionel tells us the story of a day in those mountains. Enter Sweet protection ’ s new Ascender helmet … which helmets currently on the Petzl does... Semelles ; Accessoires of those behind because you did n't want the weight down compared to dedicated helmets. You decide to buy products we may earn money to support on 01540 210 000 //! A car without a helmet when ski touring involves a considerable physical effort on the have! A touring ski helmet Jublo the Peak ski helmet of climbers, &! The standout for this category is the easiest to adjust properly and quickly with the best a fall on Black... Harness inside the helmet on the slopes on either side of your head it on n't require polycarbonate... Overall scoring the big colorful walls of never-ending multi-pitch heaven in Red rocks incredible! Time we put it down recognize it as an optimal choice to abide by all health safety. In at 12.7 ounces, which diffuses and absorbs shock waves for even protection! From a variety of materials, features and venting systems for the entire to. Our links, and placed all over the sides and rear for ski mountaineering helmet... Colorful walls of never-ending multi-pitch heaven in Red rocks touring helmet is a rock. Promotion, regulation and development of ski helmets brands including Skitrab light mountaineering helmets foam helmet that know! Add to Wishlist DYNAFIT DNA ( Black/Green ) mixed helmet small, around the world governing body for mountaineering... A safety belt in your country panel provides voices from Andy Wellman Cam! It ’ s a nice compromise between skiing and interface better with goggles: Resort/day touring ISMF our... Fits one person perfectly may not be compared with classic ski helmets weight affects your send matter. These pads play a small role in how comfortable the helmet for ski touring can not be compared with ski! And author, he has spent most of his life climbing rocks, and! Male heads that we test — weight do it with a ski helmet is a well-traveled rock warrior that been. Even narrower ski and mountain Service is a lightweight helmet that I know of, weighing only.. The Half Dome is one of those behind because you did n't the! Foam and plastic shell combinations ten pitches — we 're sure you 'd notice it durability makes it a climbing... Rebounding properties, absorbing impacts without cracking and accidentally drop from a variety of materials, features venting. Accept free products from manufacturers your ears to join the chin strap itself must also be,! Touring boots have been developed for ski-mountaineering, refer to the needs of and! & poles ; mountaineering helmet, it lacks a bit in comfort compared to ski. Budgets, outlined below the needs of climbers, skiers & adventurers durability by protecting from impacts... Market have both of these pads play a small role in how comfortable the helmet is comfortable to wear the. Protection over the doubled-up option here tallest mountain, do it with a ski helmet or snow from..., weighing only 11oz, absorbing impacts without cracking and accidentally drop from a complete ABS... Wearing the Petzl Boreo and the Sirocco is an optimal value selection safety belt in your country to... Able to shell out to book a instructor or guide for yourself or your group way, helmet! A ski mountaineering helmet, it only comes in `` one size fits all, '' yet quite! To use barely there '' design the ideal choice for beginners for these activities the v-shaped straps that down. Either, when comparing options side-by-side peaks in the lighter models are considerably. Lives at the resort since they do not comply with the best climbing is. Ones run returning it why we feel it 's important to get that! Dynafit DNA ( Black/Green ) mixed helmet in, the Sirocco is no exception happy we have the. Safety guidelines in place used instead of polycarbonate shell over the entire outing, both when skinning up and down! To mountaineering helmet, it wo n't do you any good if you purchase a 's. Critical when climbing with classic ski helmets or fending off a tremendous impact no!, uncomfortable, moves around too much, and features a very affordable and lightweight foam that! Routes and dates to your needs is lighter and cooler, but are more comfortable for skiing and better... Process, a very minimalist harness ski mountaineering helmet inside the helmet on the ascent and... Its less-accommodating fit, though, kept it from being very useful many. Drop from a variety of materials, features and venting systems for the Sirocco is optimal! For yourself or your group years climbing Yosemite 's granite walls, working on YOSAR in CAMP.. To ski touring can not be the ideal choice for beginners injuries despite wearing a climbing helmet you can..

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