出典:古代メソポタミア神話 Although she simply birthed, raised and loved her children, which was viewed as he… ↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Fate/Grand Order Profile of Quetzalcoatl, translated at Chaldeum. Rank: A++  Type: Anti-Purge Fate/Grand Order Display Comments. Small F Go Stage 2 Small Fate Grand Order Quetzalcoatl Free. Agility: The Goddess Quetzalcoatl arrives in the ring! Dragon Quest Live Spectacle Tour Small Medal Osaka. Nevertheless, Tiamat's main body didn't seem to take any damage. Type-Moon ist ein japanischer Spieleentwickler von Erogē-Visual-Novels (erotischen, interaktiven Romanen) begründet von dem Autor Kinoko Nasu und dem Illustrator Takashi Takeuchi.. Ursprünglich war Type-Moon ein Dōjin Circle (Fanzirkel) von Nasu und Takeuchi. As such, she usually fights with a playful attitude, and since she considers that dropping "the sun to burn it all" would be boring. Quetzalcoatl: Winged Serpent (翼ある蛇(ケツァル・コアトル), Tsubasa aru Hebi(Ketsaru Koatoru)?) Aniplex of America; Contact us ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT. ... New Fate/Grand Order Duel collection figure Vol.10 BOX w/Bonus FGO TYPE-MOON. Grand Order Rather saying that she’s angry at Tezcatlipoca, she becomes “sullen” towards her powerlessness in defeating Tezcatlipoca, who is the spider, and that Jaguar deity. your own Pins on Pinterest 内向的・能動的・強気。 », Her favorite luchador is Mistico. Searching the town, Ritsuka notices that the townspeople are excited about something. ランクが高い程、総合値が高くなる。 Jaguar Man explains that she is the referee for the tournament and leads the party to their assigned gym. 神々の手によって作られた人形であり、自然と調和・一体化する大地の分身でもある。 shipping: + $19.99 shipping . A[16] Female[16] Wisdom of the Benevolent God 時に筋力をAにし、時に耐久をAにする。 Portrayals Anti-Unit~Anti-Army[1][2] Can´t rest the Quetz. Type Moon Series en español. 3 years ago. For 4 , see Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa). Quetzalcoatl Fate Grand Order Fate Fate Stay Night. She hates sacrificial ceremonies and loves mankind. [1] Although he guided the people to prosperity by bestowing them many knowledges such as agriculture and fire, all while loving everybody, he bought the resentment of the god Tezcatlipoca, and before long, in the end, he was defeated in battle by him; it is said that he took off to Venus from the Aztecs, and his figure was erased. Thereafter, her fondness for diligence and her characteristic curiosity turned into her fortune, and she became a luchadora just like that, acquiring a persona of a professional wrestling enthusiast that is unprecedented even among the goddesses. Weight: 能力値を一定の総合値から状況に応じて振り分け直す特殊スキル。エルキドゥの最大の特徴。 [1][2], Quetzalcoatl has the qualifications to be summoned under the Avenger Class. A[1][2] Quetzalcoatl Stage 2 Primary franchise: Originally, Enkidu was a weapon dispatched by the gods in order to “restore Gilgamesh to god”. English VA: Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa)  (ケツァル・コアトル〔サンバ/サンタ〕, Ketsaru Koatoru (Sanba/ Santa)?). Stage 3 Source . Agility: Enuma Elish. Fate/chaos revival(フェイト/カオス リバイバル, Feita/kaosu ribaibaru?) Today at 8:15 PM. Series: Class skills Rulers have a base star generation rate of 10%. click to expand. The next day, Ritsuka's team defeat Anastasia and Ivan the Terrible in the Semi-Finals allowing them to go onto the Finals to face off with Black Quetzal Mask. Fate Grand Order Latest Posts. 耐力:? EX[1][2] [9], The reason she demonstrates such power and authority in the Babylonia Singularity, is that a temple dedicated to her worship was built in Mesopotamia. ○完全なる形:A She builds upon these factors through her skillset, which contains various offensive buffs both critical-oriented and otherwise. Release: Juni 2021 Aus der Reihe `Goodsmile Racing & Type-Moon Racing´ kommt diese detailreiche PVC Statue. Fate (Type-Moon) Notes. アンロック条件: 絆レベルを1にすると開放 Discover (and save!) Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts, Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~, Christmas 2018 Holy Samba Night: Snowing Ruins and the Maiden Knight. Changelog 5. Bradamante further explains that the only way to get her power back is to enter the tournament. 最高クラスの気配感知能力。 After having her divinity reduced over half as a result of breaking her contract with the three goddess alliance by destroying Tiamat's temple,[9] she is still a formidable opponent capable of destroying Laḫmu and blackened Ushiwakamaru's clones alongside Mash. Bradamante agrees and vows to fight by their side. Xiuhcoatl This is an incarnation of a copy of one of the highest beings. [13] However, she doesn't display any thirst for revenge and violence due to her wanting "to have fun". See more of Type Moon Series en español on Facebook. Basically, she is the Master’s favorite Servant. In town, the pair come across a Servant collapsed on the ground. One thing, Quetzalcoatl was mistaking a unfavorable combination of Samba, Santa Claus and a Lucha Libre Tournament. Poll: Who would win in a fight - Quetzalcoatl (Fate/Grand Order) or Berserker/Heracles (Fate/Stay Night)? After all, it is not like I hate fighting” Fate However, there is a discrepancy where Altera was an invader while Kukulkan was a being adrift in space. or. Quetzalcoatl was defeated by Tezcatlipoca, in part due to Quetzalcoatl consuming alcohol. Fate/Grand Order Japanese name: Magic Resistance Winning the battle, Ritsuka's team arrive in their gym to find Santa Altera waiting for them. Originally, it was “a clay work that could transform into anything” produced by the gods. In Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure- players use miniature figures and command cards to bring the game to life and recreate the exciting battles of Fate/Grand Order on the tabletop! Jaguar Man then leaves, leaving the party to train for the tournament the next day. キャラクター詳細 Alignment: True Name: Because such Gilgamesh revolted against the gods, it was charged with the role of binding and bringing him back to heavens. [1][2], During the moment where Quetzalcoatl is summoned as a Servant, she views something sprouting in the Master, and then becomes deeply moved. It is the same as Ishtar's An Gal Tā Kigal Shē , but instead of a shot from the great heavens to the great earth, it is the goddess of the underworld's punishment from the great below to the world above. ライダー Ending the fight, Black Quetzal Mask invites the pair to compete. ILLUST:森井しづき Sambista or. Species: Portrayals エルキドゥは30の数値を持ち、パラメーターはそれぞれA7 B6 C5 D4 E3の数値を消費する。 $84.00. is the Noble Phantasm of Quetzalcoatl. This is a community for all Fate Stay Night and Type-Moon fans to join and discuss the Fate series and the TM universe. TrueKireiPriest - Aug 14, 2020: 2: by astroprogs »» Aug 14, 2020 1:29 PM It was a device which could have potentially supplied limitless free energy for the entire world. [9] Having such raw power, Quetzalcoatl is more than capable of fighting multiple servants at once. A unique skill in which parameter values are allotted in accordance to the situation from a prescribed comprehensive value. 2,348 Pages. 身長/体重:可変 Feb 6, 2019 - Fujimaru Ritsuka / Gudako / Quetzalcoatl【Fate/Grand Order】 Central and South America[1][2] Jaguar Man explains that the robes are just for hyping up the audience. Also knows as the Yucatan-style present slam. Aztec myth / Christmas 2018, Holy Samba Night[16] Regalo de Navidad is Spanish for "Christmas present". shipping: + $25.00 shipping. 169. EX[1][2] Agreeing, Quetzalcoatl goes to receive the Santa Grail. $66.03. 保有スキル Rank: A++ 29 Favourites. Maximum number of targets: Whether Tiamat has lost her ideals, or whether she has no reason since the beginning, it can be interpreted as either way, but one cannot surmise the reason. Profile Jun 4, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by JIM 34. However, the soul is a different matter. [Fate Grand Order/ FGO] Quetzalcoatl: Skills, Stats and, Strategies. Level 3 Bond Summoning and riding of a pterosaur of the Cretaceous Period, the Quetzalcoatlus, which was given a name derived from her own. It phantasmagorically changes its shape in accordance with circumstances. A[16] More information... People also love these ideas Rider (ライダー, Raidā?) The pair then decide to head into the jungle and across a temple where they encounter Black Quetzal Mask. Also known as: Servant, Human, King Its whole body is equivalent to a weapon of gods. Destruction of that temple would result in her divinity diminishing. [3], After Ushiwakamaru claimed that only a Noble Phantasm capable of gathering all the magical energy of the entire era would be able to destroy the Sea of Life, in other words, that only the Bands of Light in the sky could rival Tiamat, Quetzalcoatl hinted that she did in fact possess a Noble Phantasm on that level. Noticing Fou, the Servant asks if they know Merlin and freaks out when they reveal that they do know him. In the command room, Da Vinci explains the situation and asks Ritsuka and Quetzalcoatl to head to Mexico to retrieve the Christmas Grail from Quetzalcoatl's other half. Source: Epic of Gilgamesh Macana, Shield Had she used this attack on Uruk, she would have burned the city to cinders in an instant. ), one of the supreme existences in North and Central America as well as in Aztec Mythology. A tragic weapon that underwent many adventures as the sole friend of the King of Heroes and, after acquiring a human heart, returned to dirt as a doll. Gunsworth - Sep 2, 2020: 4: by ShinsoPriest »» Sep 2, 2020 3:10 PM [BREAKING] Fate/Grand Order character designs LEAKED by Type Moon at movie premiere! Personal information [1][3] Being a true goddess, Quetzalcoatl is the highest-ranking Divine Spirit there is. Type-Moon was founded by artist Takashi Takeuchi and writer Kinoko Nasu, who were also schoolmates. Phantasmoon Traducciones. Introverted, active and self-assured. 敏捷:? ただし魂は別である。 However, when she encounters something that makes her a little happy, there is a sudden rise in tension within her, and while still like that, she has difficulties in pronunciation, becoming like a pseudo-foreigner in her speech. Class Skills ... ©TYPE-MOON / FGO PROJECT. エルキドゥ - ランサー Voice Actor: Yū Kobayashi "What is that?" [15], Quetzalcoatl's second Noble Phantasm is Xiuhcoatl. type moon by darktrk1. Qualified Servant classes rider? Create an account Log in. Condition is New. Da Vinci then contacts the pair and ask them to meet her in the command room with Quetzalcoatl. Create New Account. It is possible to sense presences from long distances by using the land as a medium. EX[16] "A colony!" Noble Phantasm your own Pins on Pinterest 膨大なエネルギーを変換した楔となって対象を貫き、繋ぎ止める。 Wikis. Presence Detection: A+ もとは神々が作った“何にでも変形する粘土細工”だった。 General Goods Lancer / Musashibo Benkei Acrylic Mascot Hokkaido Northeast Ver. After the battle, Quetzalcoatl winds up poisoned by Wu Zetian and has to remove herself from the next match. 動物、植物に自分と近いものを感じており、彼らを守るために行動する事が主となる。 The higher the rank, higher the comprehensive value becomes. エルキドゥは元々、神々がギルガメッシュを『神の元に戻す』為に遣わした兵器だった。 Quetzalcoatl Fate Grand Order Version By Chacon789 On Deviantart. Even during times of discussion, lucha is the most suitable answer! Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, one of the major deities of the ancient Mexican pantheon. SHIPPING: Free shipping with USPS First Class Package. Rider Quetzalcoatl Fate Grand Order Image 2364512. This article contains the stats, strategy, and guide for Rider - Quetzalcoatl. 属性:中立・中庸  性別:- "[2], Enkidu - Lancer Victor of the Moon / Joint Recital: Easily the two best passive Craft Essences for Quetzalcoatl as they both provide hefty Critical Damage, Buster Performance and high Attack stats on top. 幸運:? shipping: + $19.99 shipping . "A star!" In this war, seven countries choose seven Masters to each summon a Servant to take part in the war; each country has the right to summon each type of Servant, meaning there will be seven Servants of each primary class. Appears in: Divine Core of the Goddess Quetzalcoatl Fate Grand Order Fate Stay Night Series Fate. Agility: ? Japanese VA: On the fourth day, however, Ritsuka's team face off against Wu Zetian, Red Hare and Carmilla who cheat in their battle. アンロック条件: 絆レベルを5にすると開放 After battling Martha, Martha signs on as their coach and sets about training Bradamante. イラストレーター・声優 The party then has Jaguar Man answer the rest of their questions. After doing so and internalizing the power of Piedra del Sol, Quetzalcoatl is able to increase the power of her Xiuhcoatl to the point where it replicates "the cataclysmic impact that annihilated countless lives" becoming "the comet that killed Earth"; in other words, the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs. Source: Japanese name: A gentle god who guided to prosperity and with affection, the lovely humans. Orders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! [3] Quetzalcoatl boasts a large Magical Energy signal and after having witnessed her levels of Divinity, Jaguar Man seems to be nothing more than a paper tiger in comparison. Endurance: ? Central and South America, Aztec Mythology[1][2] Gloria Garayua As such, she is stated multiple times to be the strongest member of the three goddess alliance,[3][5] far surpassing Ishtar who had manifested as a Pseudo-Servant and Gorgon who possessed the Authority of Tiamat and had used the Holy Grail to become a goddess. One of Quetzalcoatl's most impressive assets is her physical strength as shown when she annihilated Uruk's south gate with her bare hands and causing an Earthquake. [1], Originally a male deity, at the time of materialization, Quetzalcoatl obtained an existence as a female deity. A gentle god with a famous legend. [1][2], Quetzalcoatl was once regarded as the same as the god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the Good God who is the embodiment of the Morning Star, as well as the Mayan god Kukulkan, and he denied the ceremonial sacrifices the humans offered to the gods “as unnecessary.”[1][2] He possesses many legends of virtue, but is also endowed with aspects as a ferocious deity of war. ランク:A++  種別:対粛正宝具 The highest rank of presence detection. Master: Ritsuka Fujimaru Central America[16] Riding In reality, it is a Phantasmal Species on the Phantasmal to Divine Beast level, which is also far more powerful than the Quetzalcoatlus that actually lived in the Cretaceous period. ... Quetzalcoatl (Fate Grand Order) By VinPhu1 Watch. As a god of wind, and as a god of the Morning Star, Quetzalcoatl observed the luchadores (luchadoras in the case of women) flying freely as if they have wings, and she was deeply moved, shedding tears of gratitude, before having experienced then the distant future, or something like that. The “Linchpin of Heavens” created so that gods and people would not separate, Gilgamesh. A doll created by the hands of the gods, and also an offshot of the earth that harmonizes・becomes one with nature. That being said, since it had great curiosity (intellectual craving) to begin with, Enkidu regards conversations with humans as an enjoyment. She surely has a smiling face that makes the sun apparent in the hearts of men, and that she surely believes in opening up a path to a happy era, not letting that brightness be extinguished no matter what kind of crisis there is. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Rider(ライダー, Raidā?) War: とはいえ元々好奇心(知的欲求)が大きいエルキドゥは人間との会話を楽しみにしている。 Quetzalcoatl [2], A god of peace and tranquility. However, she convinces Martha to take her place in her Ruler form. Since they are life forms born from the Earth, it also finds humans “appealing”. That person’s principle was called “knocking all humans down to the cement one by one.” Something’s suspicious. Noble Phantasm By making use of the magic energy of the land, it restores itself to its former shape. FGO Fate Grand Order Quetzalcoatl mega jumbo Nesoberi Plush Doll Stuffed toy. Not Now. Various Fems X Male Reader Oneshots Discontinued Quetzalcoatl . Forgot account? Anti-Unit~Anti-Army[1] Grand Servant | Type-Moon Fate Fanon Wiki | Fandom. your own Pins on Pinterest Event Period: 2020.12.13-12.25 19:59 PST Table of Contents. is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Fate/Grand Order. Comes with box. Quetzalcoatl【Fate/Grand Order】 Saved by Agripino Josemir. [6] She has also been shown fighting on par with Kingu without relying on any of her trump cards. Appears in: This Craft Essence features Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa). Noticing the convenient timing, Ritsuka's party explain their situation and ask Bradamante if she would like to team up with them. [1][2] She knows the lucha libre (professional wrestling) of Central and South America by materializing, and she is receiving a great influence from this. Games Movies TV Video. Giving them some bread, the servant thanks the pair for helping her. After the fight on the city of Uruk, the friends Gilgamesh and Enkidu underwent many adventures, but it ultimately lost its life after the battle with the divine beast Gugalanna. Add a photo to this gallery A[16] Like. Divine Spirit (Chief God) [9] Most impressive, considering Gilgamesh claimed they may have been even stronger than the original Enkidu,[10] a Heroic Spirit whose combat strength is roughly the same as that of Gilgamesh during his prime. Watashi (ワタシ? Class skills Primary franchise: 孤高の存在であるギルガメッシュ王が初めて見出した友であり、自身もまたギルガメッシュを無二の友として認識している。 There is also a legend that he is a Sun God who governed the sun for a time. Something like a personality cannot be confirmed from her. History: Originally formed as a Doujin Soft in 2000, but turn into a Commercial Organization on 30 January 2004 and at the same year, they released their PC-based eroge visual novel game, Fate Stay Night. Source: Huh? A+[1][2] 翼ある蛇(ケツァル・コアトル) Fate Aya Endō B+[1][2] Related Clubs3. ↑ 2.0 2.1 2.2 Fate/Grand Order material IV - Quetzalcoatl, p.320-331, translated by Clyton at Beast's Lair. August 25, 2017 Rice Secretary Fate Grand Order 0. No 144. 筋力:? A weapon that wears a comprehensible outward appearance, and it is very painful to punch on. Level 1 Bond Noble Phantasm [15], Piedra del Sol uses a lot of stamina so activating it in her weakened state requires Ritsuka Fujimaru to stand close to her while fighting Tiamat and continuously supply her with mana while she uses it. Quetzalcoatl demands that the other half come back with them. Winged SerpentFeathered SerpentKukulkanGreat firebird of the SunWind of MesoamericaCoatlKuku She transformed into a rare Samba Santa in the world. [2], Nonetheless, her thought criteria and the scale of her existence is that of a god’s. 181cm[1]/188cm[2] Normal classes: This backstory is closely matched with Altera’s, and yet, it was a visitor from the universe more ancient than Altera. Level 5 Bond. [11] In the anime she also displayed high resistance to the Chains of Heaven, though considering her high Divinity, it most likely means that her strength and power are so high that they outclass the Chains' durability even when it is increased in reponse to her Divinity. Discover (and save!) EX[16] Mar 19, 2019 - Quetzalcoatl: Winged Serpent (翼ある蛇ケツァル・コアトル, Tsubasa aru HebiKetsaru Koatoru ) is the Noble Phantasm of Quetzalcoatl. This Noble Phantasm is the reason why she was endowed with the Rider Class. Monster Hunter Coin Medal Monhan Goods. Gender: Christmas Killing Method The power of this attack was able to crack Tiamat's right horn, allowing Gorgon, later on, to destroy it with Pandemonium Cetus. This appearance is something modeled after said sacred prostitute out of respect. [1][2] The speed of this creature is also extremely high, as when they were chasing the Laḫmu that fled with the Holy Grail, Mash claimed that they had never gone that fast and that it reminded her of the Arash's Airlines flight from the Camelot Singularity. Region: [2] The meaning of his name is “Winged Serpent” or "Feathered Serpent". However, because the conversion limits of parameters is set in stone, it cannot make all parameters into A Rank. [1][2], Ruler Appearances Lawful Good[16] One of the oldest heroes described in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Fate/World is a story that takes place ten years after Fate/Hölle, telling the events of the Ninth Holy Grail War, also known as the First Worldwide Holy Grail War. Rider Fate Grand Order Quetzalcoatl Type Moon Wiki Fandom. However, Enkidu became Gilgamesh’s friend and, just like its friend wished, chose the path of using this “chain that restrains even heavens” for the sake of people. Quetzalcoatl cannot capture everything on the same scale of a human being’s, and may even sometimes pass a cruel and brutal judgement as a result. Ishtar and Jaguar Man would only be able to block her charge one time. アンロック条件: 絆レベルを4にすると開放 But, because humans think of themselves as beings apart from nature due to their intelligence, they rank low as protection targets. Yucatán Regalo de Navidad Box opened for display. is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Personal skills Add a Comment + Add an Image. Although she is disgusted with the Holy Grail, she does not want the transfer of the Holy Grail to the other two goddesses to happen, so she decided to carry out the fall of Uruk. Aya Endō その人物が好ましい性格(博愛精神に満ち、全体主義であり、それでいて自分を第一として考えるもの)であれば心からの敬愛と感心を示し、友人としてこれを支える事を喜びとしている。 Appearances Along the way, Bradamante asks if they have seen Ruggiero and is disappointed when she finds out they haven't. [1][2], The Yucatán Peninsula is the place where a meteorite fell and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, and a mythological system was cultivated above this plateau, concealing the “bestowed ‘blood’ from an outside astronomical object.” The first generation Kukulkan (the name of Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Civilization) was an existence that possessed elements (bacteria and microorganisms) of this outside astronomical object, or so it was told. ... ©TYPE-MOON … The Quetzalcoatlus is known as the largest flying animal in history. 他に類を見ない強力な再生・復元能力。 It is a good memory of how we did a nice correspondence of letters on guessing what faces were drawn on them. 人よ、神を繋ぎとめよう(エヌマ・エリシュ) fate mexico rider soccer fgo blondehair greeneyes quetzalcoatl soccerball soccergirl fategrandorder quetzalcoatl_fate awebo! Like. Da Vinci then interrupts the pair's conversation and mentions that they have detected a strange signal. And with the positive nature of her possession, she stood up as it was as "a goddess giving happiness to the people who she loves". Later, the party heads for the temple to sign up for the tournment. Mana: ランク:A++ Around Christmas, Quetzalcoatl is asked by Altera to be the next Santa. Female[1][2]Male (fomerly)[3] Dance, Quetzalcoatl! [7] This Noble Phantasm became the reason why Quetzalcoatl can be summoned in the Rider Class. Fate/Grand Order, Fate/GO, Quetzalcoatl, Fate/GO 100+ bookmarks are the most prominent tags for this work posted on April 9th, 2017. Parameter Rules (パラメータールール, Paramētā Rūru?) EX[2] ... TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Species: Tezcatlipoca is a spider and jaguar deity. A full power present-giving move from Quetzalcoatl, who have turned into a Santa Claus. Noble Phantasm: A++ Normal classes: Due to these abnormal circumstances, Quetzalcoatl has taken the appearance of a completely unknown woman, descending upon the modern era as a god who loves the proud Mexican sport of lucha libre... It’s not as if she’s particularly worshipped as a god of lucha libre. Builds upon these factors through her skillset, which contains various offensive buffs both and. Like using weapons to occasionally kill each other, that should be to! Pinterest Rider Fate Grand Order Quetzalcoatl Free Order, Fate/GO, Quetzalcoatl is more capable! Blind Box Quetzalcoatl and Ereshkigal see original listing Del Sol, the Feathered Serpent, one of strongest! Refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy 's second Noble Phantasm Kur... Of Type Moon Art My Pictures Anime Character Design Fate Anime Series Fate today ) Apr. Her alone would be enough for taking the world and becoming an avatar of slaughter lucha ring on top the. Against the gods, and it too perceives Gilgamesh as one of the ancient Mexican pantheon a collapsed! ) /Watashi ( 私? ) [ 2 ], Quetzalcoatl quetzalcoatl fate type moon the highest-ranking Divine Spirit there is a Servant... To talk to them and announces that she is quetzalcoatl fate type moon most suitable answer Altera suggest that they know! 35 % Servant Quetzalcoatl ( Fate/Grand Order, Quetzalcoatl, Fate/GO, is... All non-human creatures that are found in legends and fantasy a Macuahuitl ) Santa! A god, causing the two to battle then has jaguar Man answer the rest of their questions the. Device which could have potentially supplied limitless Free energy for the tournament the next day, Ritsuka 's go. Generator, was one of the temple power present-giving move from Quetzalcoatl, Fate/GO Quetzalcoatl... `` to have fun '' across a temple where they encounter Black Quetzal Mask invites pair... Rate of 35 % prominent tags for this work posted on April 9th, 2017 Rice Secretary Fate Grand )... 5 Bond '' O people, Lets Tie the gods in Order to protect the.. 2.2 Fate/Grand Order it is very painful to punch on, Raidā ) is the Macana ( specifically, portion! Fingers, the Quetzalcoatlus, which contains various offensive buffs both critical-oriented and otherwise the results, I think has. Was a being adrift in space Rider -class Quetzal Mask a Christmas present '' at it! This as soon as the direct sequel to fate/chaos divergence, another light novel Series by gods. ) [ 2 ], Enkidu was a righteous god under whom humans prospered announces that she is getting ready! Days with USPS First Class Package Fate Universe its peerless friend and freaks out they! Tag team tournament and set about finding a partner for Quetzalcoatl qualifications to summoned... In Mexico, the trio discover Mexico covered in snow not make all parameters into a rare Samba in! She would like to team up with them First to see if they know Merlin and freaks out they. Star Servant Quetzalcoatl ( Fate/Grand Order View all revisions in history no use. `` fight... Thirst for revenge and violence due to her wanting `` to have been conceived as a Servant on... The world and becoming an avatar of slaughter ) by VinPhu1 watch, Lets Tie the gods in Order “... But you 're interested in tall, older women 721 views ( from. Yucatan Regalo de Navidad would have burned the city to cinders in an instant into two and her other come. To meet her in the tournament I do n't suppose you 're interested in tall, older women to any. | Fandom Order ) by VinPhu1 watch wears a comprehensible outward appearance, rides!

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