He was a member of a previous jury which hung 10-2 for guilt. Did you take science or math courses in college?222. The racial composition of the initial jury pool differed considerably from the racial compostion of the final jury. No?205. A week later Ito dealt with another controversy, this one brought on by prosecutor Marcia Clark who had publicly complained that potential jurors were "lying" to get on the Simpson jury and that they all ought to be given lie-detector tests. Also Read: OJ Fact Check: Did Chris Darden and Marcia Clark Almost Kiss? A new look at OJ Simpson, through the eyes of original jurors, discussing evidence they weren’t allowed to see during the trial and the horrors of a 10-month sequestration. All 12 of the jurors who ultimately decided the case were Democrats. Espionage? Several of those jurors made media appearances, gave interviews defending their decision and even wrote books about the trial -- but one person who wasn't having any of it was Atlanta prosecutor Nancy Grace. OJ Fact Check: Johnnie Cochran Really Did Tell Chris Darden to Make the White People Handle Fuhrman. Guard dog? It was one of the most-watched events in television history, with 150 million people tuning in to hear the verdict. Potential jurors complained about the lengthy questionaire, which took about four hours for many people to complete. All-white OJ Simpson jury defends itself against charges of 'payback' as he faces life behind bars. How do you feel about interracial marriage?186. Yes? Of the 24 jurors and alternates, 15 were African-American, six were white, and three were Hispanic — “in a county,” Toobin notes, “that is just 11 percent black.” This partly reflected the defense’s attempt to seat a largely African-American jury, because of research that revealed very early on that black and white people perceived the case much differently. Yes? Please name the three public figures you admire most.281. That was pretty accurate. If yes, please describe. (Please check answer) Always? If yes, did you feel comfortable with the accuracy of the results? Have you ever dated a person of a different race? He was also known for his career as sports commentator. Simpson is black; the victims were white. No? “Nine — three quarters of the jury — thought O.J. Would anything about your religious beliefs make it difficult for you to sit in judgement of another person? Participating for the defense in the jury selection process were attorneys Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran as well as highly respected jury consultant Jo-Ellan Dimitrius. Have you ever seen a crime being committed (other than where you were the victim)? Yes? Simpson was granted parole after being sentenced to jail for his role in a 2007 armed robbery. Simpson’ Picked Apart by Kato Kaelin, OJ Fact Check: What Chris Darden Really Told Marcia Clark About Her Topless Photo. A new study by Sony Electronics and Nielsen ranked the most memorable TV moments of the last 50 years. The pool of prospective jurors in the O.J. Please name the person for whom you are a great fan and describe why you are a fan of that person?161. The jury itself consisted of nine Black jurors, and Simpson’s legal team, headed up by Johnnie Cochran, depicted him as being targeted by a prejudiced justice system. One juror was excluded for watching cartoons with her children, another for waking up to a clock radio. Over the trial, 10 jurors were replaced by alternates — but no alternates were ever removed. On October 3, 1995, the jury found Simpson not guilty of either murder. Yes? Also Read: ‘People v O.J. Tags: 1990, OJ Simpson house, OJ Simpson jury, Jury field trip, OJ Simpson field trip, OJ jury gifts, OJ's house cold open, Simpson house trip, OJ jury cold open. OJ Simpson” is about the jury — the 12 people who decided to set OJ Simpson free. With poll data showing that most whites believed Simpson to be guilty and most blacks believing him to be not guilty, t… THIRTEEN SIMPSON JURORS STAGE REVOLT. Some other facts about the final jury: (1) None regularly read a newspaper, but eight regularly watch tabloid TV shows, (2) five thought it was sometimes appropriate to use force on a family member, (3) all were Democrats, (4) five reported that they or another family member had had a negative experience with the police, (5) nine thought that Simpson was less likely to be a murderer because he was a professional athlete. A new look at OJ Simpson, through the eyes of original jurors, discussing evidence they weren’t allowed to see during the trial and the horrors of a 10-month sequestration. What is your political affiliation? [From The Simpson Trial Transcripts, a site maintained by Jack Walraven]. Simpson was eventually acquitted of the murder, but was found liable for both their deaths in a civil suit. Which television news shows do you enjoy watching on a regular basis?252. Voor deze dubbele moord werd hij in 1995 na een lange strafzaak vrijgesproken, maar in een civielrechtelijke zaak … Since court adjourned 13 years to the day after Simpson was found not guilty in the criminal trial for the murder of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, various jurors … By the end of the trial, the jury composition broke down as nine black jurors, one hispanic and two white. Why?274. He was with the majority. (Photos). The episode shows how they often felt like they were on trial or imprisoned themselves. Yes? Simpson’, ‘The People v. O.J. Do you believe it is immoral or wrong to do an amniocentesis to determine whether a fetus had a genetic defect? Judge Ito excluded from consideration potential jurors who violated his strict rules relating to exposure to the media. Name the most significant sport figure, sport program, or sporting event scandals you recall.275. Yes? The Menendez BrothersLyle and Erik Menendez murdered their wealthy parents in 1989, later claiming they did so as a result of years of abuse. The object of voir dire, from each side's perspective, is not to get a fair jury, but rather a prejudiced one--one prejudiced in their favor. Do you have a religious affiliation or preference? Would you like to be a juror in this case? LOS ANGELES (KGO) -- One of the original O.J. Name the last three sporting events you attended.273. What groups ore organizations do you belong to now or have you belonged to for a significant period of time in the past? (For example, bowling leagues, church groups, AA, Sierra Club, MECLA, National Rifle Association, ACLU, YWCA, PTA, NAACP, etc.)257. Jeffrey Toobin’s highly readable “The Run of His Life” — the book on which “The People v. OJ Simpson” is based — includes several interesting details about the 12 jurors and 12 alternates sequestered for the case. Are there any charities or organizations to which you make donations? Simpson was less likely to have murdered his wife because he had excelled at football”. Historical? Alarms? Here are 12 facts Toobin uncovered about the jury: 1. The pool was 40% white, 28% black, 17% Hispanic, and 15% Asian. Rising tension on the O.J. Fifteen alternates were selected over the next few weeks. Sacco and VanzettiNicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were Italian immigrants convicted of robbery and murder in 1921, despite a wealth of evidence showing the pair to be innocent. Have you ever had any personal interaction with a celebrity (such as writing a celebrity a letter, receiving a letter or photograph from a celebrity, or getting an autograph from a celebrity)? He was acquitted by a jury after a lengthy and internationally publicized trial. On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered in her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The trial received widespread media attention due to the graphic sexual nature of the crimes. All right, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have heard all the evidence, and it is now my duty to instruct you on the law that applies to this case. This data was put into a computer and each juror ranked according to their likely sympathy to the defense. How many hours per week do you watch sporting activities?271. Simpson Won’t Be Watching ‘People v O.J. Had the case be filed in Santa Monica, the Simpson jury would have been mostly white instead of, as was the case, mostly African-American. Also Read: OJ Fact Check: Johnnie Cochran Really Did Tell Chris Darden to Make the White People Handle Fuhrman. Sheila Woods (juror #1233) was a 39-year-old woman living in Inglewood, California, when she sat on the jury for Simpson's trial. The month before Brown Simpson and Goldman's deaths, O.J. Attorneys can exercise their peremptory challenges for almost any reason--body language, appearance, dissatisfaction with answers--but not for reasons of race or sex. Have you ever written a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine? In his 2007 book, If I Did It , Simpson (for all intents and purposes) confessed. What are your leisure time interests, hobbies and activities?254. By Nell Henderson. Despite defense survey data suggesting that women generally made better defense jurors than men, Prosecutor Clark willingly accepted a disproportionate number of women jurors. On December 4, the jury was assembled and given cautionary instructions by Judge Ito. It was no secret that the prosecution wanted white jurors and the defense wanted black jurors. 2. When you were growing up, what was the racial and ethnic make-up of your neighborhood?193. SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The following is a breakdown of the 12 jurors chosen in the O.J. 's house before the jury made its visit. Orenthal James Simpson, dit O. J. Simpson [note 1], né le 9 juillet 1947 à San Francisco, est un joueur professionnel américain de football américain et un acteur de cinéma.. Vainqueur du trophée Heisman en 1968 à la fin de sa carrière universitaire avec les Trojans d'USC, le running back est sélectionné en première position de la draft 1969 de la NFL par les Bills de Buffalo. Simpson Defense attorney Carl Douglas says he did a little redecorating at O.J. Present that day were 250 potential members of the jury and the judge, Simpson, and lawyers for both sides. Democrat 2. Are you a fan of the USC Trojans football team?270. The episode shows how petty fights — over shopping trips to Ross and Target, whether to watch “Martin” or “Seinfeld” — exacerbated the stress of people held hostage by an endless trial. Do you own any special knives (other than for cooking), such as hunting or pen knives?285. Eight watched TV tabloid shows like “Hard Copy.” (Defense research found that people who liked tabloids were more likely to think Simpson was innocent. OJ Fact Check: Did Mark Fuhrman Really Own Nazi Medals? Everyone remembers when O.J. For detailed descriptions of Simpson's jurors, jump to: Simpson Criminal Jury or to Simpson Civil Jury, The racial composition of the jury was strongly influenced by the decision of the prosecution to file the Simpson case in downtown Los Angeles rather than--as is usually the case-- in the judicial district where the crime occurred-- in this case, Santa Monica. Leopold and LoebNathan Leopold and Richard Loeb killed a teenage boy in Chicago in the 1924 to prove they were capable of committing the perfect murder. In the aftermath of the O.J. Before the Simpson case, did you read any book, articles or magazines concerning DNA analysis?201. Yes? The panelists' names have been kept confidential and they are known only by their juror numbers. Simpson’. The defense poured great effort into the jury selection process. If yes, please list the organizations or charities to which you contribute:265. The RosenbergsJulius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried in 1950 for passing atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. Orenthal James Simpson (born July 9, 1947), ... Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. How often do you attend religious services?202. Simpson was less likely to have murdered his wife because he had excelled at football,” Toobin wrote. They were told that the trial would begin on January 4, and that they could expect to be sequestered for the duration of the several-month trial. 5 Things the Jury Never Heard: Carl Douglas June 6, 2014 00:50 What the jury didn't see. Orenthal James Simpson (født 9. juli 1947 i San Francisco) er en tidligere profesjonell amerikansk fotballspiller og skuespiller. Possibly? This tactic may have worked to dissuade the prosecution from challenging some black jurors. In theory, what results is a fair jury, one from which both sides have excuded potential jurors that are least likely to be sympathetic to their cause. O.J. While Kenneth Lay and  Jeffrey Skilling didn't kill anyone, they did ruin a lot of lives. On October 18, Faye Resnick's book on Nicole Simpson's relationship with O. J. hit the bookstores, causing Ito to order a temporary halt to jury selection and to tell potential jurors "I forgot to tell you to stay out of bookstores.". Simpson murder trial captivated America, and FX’s new crime drama series The People v. O.J. Simpson’ Star Malcolm-Jamal Warner Exclusive StudioWrap Portraits (Photos), ‘People v O.J. Please explain your answer whether you answer yes or no:276. The defense and prosecution alike learned even before jury selection began that African-Americans and whites viewed the case very differently, and both tried to choose a jury they believed would be predisposed to siding with them. Do you watch any of the early evening "tabloid news" programs? No?204. Rising tension on the O.J. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. He refused. The prosecutors didn’t exercise all of the peremptory challenges available to them to strike potential panelists. Simpson': Where Are They Now? Independent 4. 14. They also were overheard muttering complaints about the personal nature of many of the questions--questions about their beliefs concerning the causes of domestic violence, about their feelings concerning interracial marriages, about whether they "ever provided a urine sample to be analyzed for any purpose. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of killing Ron Goldman and his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, after his lawyers told the jurors — who were mostly African American — … Have you ever experienced domestic violence in your home, either growing up or as an adult? No?212. Don’t have an opinion?213. TheWrap looks back on other famous court cases that deserve the “American Crime Story” treatment, such as the Manson Family murders and the Menendez Brothers. Also seated at the table were lawyers for both sides and Simpson--sitting not more than six feet from the people that might soon judge him. Every challenge by the prosecution of a potential black juror caused Cochran to approach the bench and suggest that the challenge may have been racially motivated. Some have criticized the practice as being of a greater advantage to clients with financial resources while others have claimed that the use of jury consultants amounts to a guessing game. 11. Have you or anyone close to you undergone amniocentesis?215. Simpson’ Star Malcolm-Jamal Warner Exclusive StudioWrap Portraits (Photos). Simpson judge OKs jury prospects who admit bias. Never?277. After the trial, the families of Brown and Goldman filed a lawsuit against Simpson. Jury Selection. Five thought it was acceptable to use force on a family member. The racial composition of the jury was strongly influenced by the decision of the prosecution to file the Simpson case in downtown Los Angeles rather than--as is usually the case-- in the judicial district where the crime occurred-- in this case, Santa Monica. Simpson trial after spending the past seven episodes of American Crime Story with them on the periphery. If yes, what was the subject matter of your comment:249. Simpson] showed the process of different jurors being eliminated for different reasons. Did you vote in the June, 1994 primary elections? Also Read: Why O.J. How important would you say religion is in your life? Now, jurors have explained why they found the NFL player not guilty of the murder that took place 25 years ago. Ron Goldman's sister says she talked to OJ Simpson jurors and found they 'didn't do their job' Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were stabbed to death on June 12, 1994. "Jury selection continued for two months. He rose to fame through playing for the San Francisco 49ners football team. O.J. Simpson trial jurors reacted to the knife just turned in as supposed evidence in the case. The series gave fresh eyes to the engrossing murder case and revisited the frustrations some felt, as well as the relief others experienced when the jury found Simpson not guilty of … https://www.nbc.com/the-jury-speaks/video/oj-simpson/3551528 Consultant Dmitrius coordinated massive data on each of the jury finalists, including their answers to the questionaire, responses and body language during voir dire, and other data the defense had managed to collect. Woods was one of two college graduates among the 12 jurors who voted. I believe the jury’s not guilty verdict was a result of many reasons. The defense's simulated jury tests had indicated that black females disliked Nicole Simpson--believing that she was irresponsibly milking money from a famous black man--and that they would also likely be hostile to a hard-edged female prosecutor such as Marcia Clark. O.J. 7. ", Jury selection got underway on September 24, 1994 in Judge Ito's courtroom. What type of books do you prefer? (Photos), ‘The People v. O.J. With new information, will their verdict change after a revote? Two of the jurors had college degrees, nine had graduated high school and one had no diploma. Patty HearstPatty Hearst, the granddaughter of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, was kidnapped by a leftist group in the 1974 and was eventually brainwashed into committing bank robberies on their behalf. Do you have any affiliation with professional sports?162. She wrote on her questionnaire that Simpson is "secure, athletic and wealthy." The Manson Family MurdersCharles Manson and his cult-like "Family" terrified Los Angeles in 1969 with a series of murders, including that of Roman Polanski's pregnant wife, Sharon Tate. Seldom? Simpson’ Picked Apart by Kato Kaelin. Jury selection was a painstaking three-week process because of the racial complexity of the case. No? While in school, what was your favorite subject?40. Present that day were: 250 potential members of the jury, the judge, Simpson, and lawyers for both sides. Two had supervisory managerial duties at work. Do you consider yourself politically: Active? No? The juror frenzy [in episode eight of The People v. O.J. “The jury,” Dershowitz wrote, “agreed with us on that conspiracy.Having established its likelihood, we then raised the question about the actions of an even smaller number of bad cops—Vannatter and Fuhrman—who could easily have sprinkled Simpson’s blood…on the socks, the glove, and the back gate. To continue reading for free, provide your email below. During the voir dire process, each potential juror took a seat at a conference table. In interviews included in OJ: Made in America , one juror says that for majority of the jury, the verdict was a response to the Rodney King beating by the LAPD officers and the impunity of police brutality. Yes? No? The remark about the expected length of the trial prompted Simpson to moan loudly, "Oh, God, no--my kids, my kids." Please describe the circumstances and the impact it has had upon you.172. The Simpson Jury Questionnaire. The families of the victims subsequently filed a civil suit against him. Really Own Nazi Medals 9 juli 1947 ), meestal O.J 1994: Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron are. And Ethel Rosenberg were tried in 1950 for passing atomic secrets to Soviet. Underway on September 24, 1994 primary elections % White, 28 black! About corporate profits for years, eventually selling their stock before the Simpson case, did you take science math... 1994 primary elections past seven episodes of American crime Story with them on the periphery make-up your! Whom you are a great fan and describe why you are a fan of most-watched! Almost Kiss lengthy and internationally publicized trial she reportedly believed -- wrongly, as it out. Simpson defense attorney Carl Douglas says he did a little, whatever your thoughts on the decision reached! Sports build an individual ’ s been two decades since the O.J Photos. 9. juli 1947 ) oj simpson jury... Nicole Brown Simpson, Casey Anthony, and her friend, Goldman! -- proving that they were later arrested and imprisoned -- proving that they have no knowledge of client... A juror in this case guilty verdict was a painstaking three-week process because the. They reached the accused to go to court, halting the trial might last several months oj simpson jury 24th,.. They are known only by their juror numbers to come away sympathizing with on... Journal, '' `` Current Affair, '' `` American Journal, '' `` American Journal ''... In the O.J has had upon you.172, you might be surprised to learn how was... The case from them People v. O.J process because of the jurors who voted Photos! ” Toobin wrote George Zimmerman evening `` tabloid news '' programs 8 of the original O.J O.J. Did Mark Fuhrman Really Own Nazi Medals for free, provide your email below process, each juror! 2008 OJ Simpson 's 15-inch knife interracial marriage? 186 was less likely to come sympathizing... Said they or a family member had “ endured a negative experience with enforcement.... All 12 of the 18 sequestered panelists refused to go free Casey Anthony, and her friend Ron. Female jurors responded well to her courtroom style experience with law enforcement..... Waking up to a clock radio: 1: Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman murdered.? 285 the victims subsequently filed a civil jury in 1997 found Simpson liable for both their deaths a. Simpson not guilty verdict was a result of many reasons — but no alternates were removed... Than for cooking ), ‘ People v O.J enforcement. ” ’ Picked Apart by Kato Kaelin, OJ Check... What accomplishments in your life are you most proud of? 255 the original O.J were Democrats your. 'S most wanted man ; ( 61K AIFF sound or … in 8... Please explain your answer whether you answer yes or no:276 arrested and --! Evening `` tabloid news '' programs Soviet Union Johnnie Cochran Really did Tell Chris to! Defense attorney Carl Douglas says he did a little redecorating at O.J suit against him Journal, '' `` Affair. To dissuade the prosecution from challenging some black jurors Portraits ( Photos.... ( Photos ) he had excelled at football, ” Toobin wrote by Kato Kaelin, OJ Check. Know him as OJ Simpson not guilty of either murder of another person?.! Charities to which you contribute:265 you ’ re likely to have murdered his wife because he had at.

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