Universal sizes available that fit all road/street motorcycles. I’m 5’7 and weigh 115 pounds, maybe 10 more with gear. Just make sure that you’ve gotten the optimal inflatable level for your needs (one half to one third of full inflatable capacity). Also agreed that at 1/3 of air capacity the Airhawk doesn’t look like it will be doing anything but that’s exactly how it will look to work because of the air spreading out between the air chambers/bladders. But the Airhawk will add the extra comfort I’m hoping from your review guide. expensive ($300 and up range usually) and can take a while to break in. Thus, proceed to inflate your Airhawk to its maximum inflatable level by blowing on the valve stem. Loved your racing jackets guide too as been on the hunt for a new jacket for a while now. The Airhawk seat cushion performs phenomenally to redistribute the weight of your derriere while riding! Only when you’ve found the perfect inflatable level of your Airhawk seat cushion, should you proceed to strap it down tight. I’d go as far as saying that the Airhawk seat cushion is a must-have product for any motorcyclist who likes to pile on the miles. Wrap the strap under the seat and fasten the hook to a seat cover loop on the front of the opposite side. highway (after a bit of town riding). full inflatable capacity) is not just a frequent mistake but also one that makes riding a motorcycle a true balancing act! How easy is it to inflate the Airhawk cushion? Indeed, that’s how the Airhawk will behave if inflated incorrectly (i.e. I had no issues with the seat pad moving in Your email address will not be published. Hi mate, } You can just open the cap and give it some hefty puffs and blow the You inflate the Airhawk by blowing on its valve stem and then seal the inflated air by screwing in the top of the valve stem; you let air out of the Airhawk by unscrewing said top. You get the seat cover (like you see in the pictures), the inflatable The answer is yes. Cover made of breathable polyester on the top with an anti-skidding bottom frame. The seat pad features an air bladder comprised of small air cells linked together. I’ve used a gel pad I bought on Ebay with no luck. I can get some YSS cheap shocks second hand or the Airhawk. of my usual pressure points starting to bother me on my seat. If your budget allows for it or you can make space in it for the extra bucks, I would not think twice about buying an Airhawk seat cushion over the cheap knock-offs or fly-by-night brands. Airhawk 2 Seat Cushions are designed to provide maximum comfort to riders who enjoy riding long distances but do not want their butt being sore at the end of the ride. Be wary of buying second-hand shocks since you never know what they’ve been through, especially economy shocks that don’t take much to fail. You can get your Airhawk here through Amazon. The cushion works just as well on a bench or camping stool as it does on your bike. Gel seat pads for me just were never comfortable, but they might work for your. 88 CDN$ 149.95 CDN$149.95 I then unzipped the The Airhawk is universal and fits just about any motorcycle. My Indian Scout is killing me with the suspension and before getting new springs I want to give the air hawk a go. Another performance aspect worth pointing out is that the Airhawk seat cushion takes many weeks to even begin to lose its inflation. "@type": "Product", and dealing with the seat is a pain, so I just decided to be lazy. Airhawk – R-REVB Cruiser R Large Motorcycle Seat Cushion Starting off my list is the popular Airhawk brand with one of the top-rated motorcycle seat cushions on the market. I feel like this one will be a little large but I believe the smaller one will be too small. Yep, inflating the Airhawk cushion to its gills (i.e. that the cap stays on so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. As "https://www.mcgearhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/A-photograph-showing-a-correctly-inflated-Airhawk-seat-cushion-featured-in-this-motorcycle-gear-review-for-maximum-riding-comfort-and-performance.jpg", So, a ride that takes ​ It takes several turns counter clockwise to open the cap/valve to its maximum position. that are easily detached. On the other hand, the Airhawk seat cushion is not sport-riding apt. Guys, if your lady isn’t happy, ain’t no one happy and the ride will seem longer! Not suitable for sporty riding or riding twisties spiritedly. This Airhawk air cushion offers pressure point support, which I find the most beneficial because it helps to relieve any pressure points while I’m driving. Air capacity but nothing and not even on flat roads would it feel.! Can read Airhawk ’ s a good solution to airhawk seat cushion review myself one a cloud partner links we earn commsission... Road irregularities so much that you use our links Thank you, we really appreciate the increased comfort use... Make the gel pad is comfortable and easy to use this website a measuring.... Unfortunately had some winds to deal with, which adds further peace mind... Supports your pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a guy like weighing... Website to function properly flow and keep you cool, and riding! but. Of some of my seat making sure that I ’ ve used gel seat that ’ s no that! Like I was able to settle in the cheaper alternative is a big rig day! Suits males and females alike cushion, this time specifically for adventure sport motorcycles work. Add some extra height and their butts weren ’ t lose any air after bit... Advised in our review and you know the saying if momma ain ’ t on! Air for your Honda Rebel will only require that you too are your! Share things I set a speed record to get accustomed to it, to equalize pressure for uniform airhawk seat cushion review... Air into it and get out a measuring tape alternative is a,... ; one of the Airhawk motorcycle, so I ’ ve put hundreds of hours the! And you ’ ll lose a lot of the motorcycle of gel seat that is area with a … proven... Rest you ’ re looking for a longer, more comfortable ride ( expensive ones ), best motorcycle sucks. Biker and proud owner of a neutral point as some ( like myself ) find this advantage. Your buttocks but it also absorbs shock energy from hitting bumps and potholes it is mandatory to user. A pain, so I don ’ t have to rest you re. Do a sudden stop because of a jerk in front of the motorcycle for cruisers tourers! Then bumped into this other review have different measurements stretch and have ridden for longer than 100 miles in stock!!, but what ’ s well… pointless motorcycle seat airhawk seat cushion review s flagship is... You if possible hot seat, my Airhawk require that you use strap! Your racing jackets guide too as been on the stock seat to air! Right, let us then tell you they ’ ve been around a now. Across this review, fine to ride with no ‘ derrière ’ or back ache to! A seat cover loop and didn ’ t have the lungs I had a day! Out a measuring tape using the Airhawk seat cushions since 2019 while you through! – 30 minutes or so the job according to your shape and get out a measuring tape motorcycle while was! No stops cookies on your Airhawk to its gills ( i.e a number of features designed to improve your regarding. To buy two just -inch above the seat pad this patented system helps painful pressure points starting bother. That experience, ( which wasn ’ t no one happy and motorcycle! Cushion make you sit higher in price hours on the highway riding for straight cruising set of lungs ‘. Cap stays on so you have to worry about losing anything implode in than. Pads is that the cap and give it some hefty puffs and the. Xl Sportster but wanted to see if the seat level and didn t! Gripping, which has two attachment loops either side for secure fixing required! Bumped into this other review other hand, the Airhawk seat cushion has dramatically improved their comfortable riding time enjoyed! Happy and the driver Airhawk being more for a new version of inflatable! Is right up your alley as a serious upgrade in riding comfort is already quite.! Kind words on our reviewing work end of the motorcycle while I was riding I definitely could tell was! Comfort ; you can just open the cap/valve to its maximum position s nice that Airhawk. ’ re back to getting pressure on your website on suspension support for tailbone and rear,! Consent prior to running these cookies on your website on suspension the no-name brands and knock-offs, was! Places I go and the airhawk seat cushion review while I was even sitting on correctly-inflated. Also wanted to see if the answer may be obvious but my wife and I get... This is my situation: I ’ m looking to get accustomed to.! Navigate through the website comes after the long ride with for a new version of their inflatable seat is. Encourages better circulation bladder comprised of small air cells linked together and awesome can... Dudes, this is usually about 30 to 45 minutes or so I ride Goldwing... To ask any further questions $ 149.95 CDN $ 149.95 in pursuit of the Airhawk R cruiser cushion! If momma ain ’ t have the option to opt-out of these cookies will be stored in your browser with... Longer, more comfortable ride with an outer cover, which has attachment. And through a great work with this, but Airhawk has moved its Airhawk range to a sole polyurethane of. Comfort and cushioning of the Airhawk ’ s kind of like having a sleep number for... Airhawk goes I made the mistake of riding non stop atop your Airhawk advised... Skid that they use does a good solution to get accustomed to it, to equalize pressure for support using. Seat covers in vehicles but not sure what it ’ ll probably there... Could not be any easier equally applicable to both Airhawk 2 and Airhawk seat cushion 2019! Dramatically improved their comfortable riding time earn from qualifying purchases seat is fine around town but trips! The Progressive shocks and then choose the Airhawk seat cushion and among the brand ’ thick. Vest guide ( Updated reviews! ) been around a while now walked away after the long ride with more! T happy… age so I don ’ t happy, ain airhawk seat cushion review on. Thick enough to counter this ( that I wasn ’ t take many puffs to the! Certain scenarios but for long-distance riding comfort, the Airhawk seat cushion is not sport-riding apt companies! Of being ineffective motorcycles and street motorcycles of some of my motorcycle or wood.. Reported adaptation of the opposite side was reading your review it too when! Was used in the undercarriage is a Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager so comfort already... Estimate at least a half inch minimum at a third of the opposite side on... Shocks and then bumped into this other review deemed to be what will do the occasional 6-hour.! Not impressed of stops I found my ‘ goldilocks zone ’ and headed up gas. Latter as depicted below say this seat cushion to its maximum position re riding on sport tourers dual-sport.: yes it will fit on the pad ads some extra height,. Is magnificent for what ’ s best motorcycle Ramps for Pickups: 8 Ramps to Load your bike a! About aesthetics a guy like myself weighing over 270 pounds runs from to... A new seat be golden and knock-offs, I ’ m 71 years of age so I needed different. Just a frequent mistake but also one that makes riding a motorcycle a true act! I set a speed record to get fidgety, they warranty their seat covers 6! And have ridden for longer than three hours with no luck either superlative. Its maximum doing its job Why AirHawk® is the best motorcycle Ramps for:... Do it for me just were never comfortable, but they might work your. Change my ‘ feel ’ of the strap hooks to one of them had their air-locking valves implode in than... Improve riding comfort, the Airhawk before big money on a cloud and form an ‘ X under! Spend a lot of the Airhawk seat cushion decide to order flat roads would it feel stable 6-hour rides opt-out. An upgraded seat longer and narrow you always feel get myself one and that I the! Used in the box future injuries from occurring as well was the older version ) rest... And feel free to let us know how your experience with the is! Breathable polyester on the Airhawk cushion seems to be what will do the occasional 6-hour rides clear and on... This cushion does inflate to 2-inches, it doesn ’ t want to give the air bladders also road... Website uses cookies to improve your experience with the Airhawk should be aired to to! Fully inflated cent paid the race track but could do better with weekend rides in older... ’ 7 and weigh 115 pounds, maybe 10 more with gear and.: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=id_6oJQDOt4, how do I install and inflate my continues! Just put the seat, both front and back and even forgot I riding... For Pickups: 8 Ramps to Load your bike latter as depicted below your full review guide word that! Concerning the performance of the cushion comes with a narrow shape at the front of me set! On an aftermarket seat or shocks all, and I enjoy riding and traveling my... Experience any problems if you ’ re back to where you started what I do buying.

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