This met the districts' demands for the year but also resulted in higher water temperatures. The Dardanelle Resort was established in 1923 at the convergence of Eagle Creek and the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River. Agriculture relied heavily on wells in the late summer when the river was low, and this could only support about 20,000 acres (8,100 ha) of crops. [43][39], There was considerable native resistance to the Spanish mission program, which continued after Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. [75] Fourteen hydroelectric plants on the river and its tributaries[76] are operated by various local irrigation districts, private power companies and federal agencies. [170] Due to the increasing popularity of whitewater boating, PG&E has been considering making higher dam releases during the summer. However, there are sixteen public access points in the 60-mile (97 km) stretch between New Melones Dam and the San Joaquin River. Stanislaus River Middle Fork. The Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River has been a great fishery having some of the best fishable waters westside of the Sierras. Most of the natural floodplain no longer exists, and about half of the former riparian habitat has been lost. The draft LCCP was made available for public review and comment for a 30-day period from April 10, 2014 to May 10, 2014. In 1848 William R. Ryan wrote that the mining camps along the Stanislaus River were "all of the poorest and most wretched description. The Middle Fork Stanislaus converges with the North Fork and South Fork of the Stanislaus upstream of New Melones Reservoir. Clark Fork flowing from the Dardanelles in Carson Peak Wilderness, become the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River. The 161,000-acre (65,000 ha) Carson-Iceberg Wilderness is located along the North Fork and Clark Fork (the name "Iceberg" comes from a distinctive granite formation along the Clark Fork). During the last glacial period the main Stanislaus glacier was up to 30 miles (48 km) long; during previous ice ages it may have extended as far as 45 miles (72 km). Not advisable for Large R. V. 's or trailers. In 1851 the Tuolumne County Water Company was organized to divert water from the South Fork of the Stanislaus River; by 1853 it consisted of 80 miles (130 km) of canals serving as many as 1,800 miners and their claims. And since this date, virtually no structural modification to a river in this country has gone unopposed. [43] On May 20, Smith and two other men set out along the Laquisimes to attempt a crossing of the Sierra Nevada. [39] The Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in Oakdale in 1872, bypassing Knights Ferry and drawing the valley's population to the former town; the Knights Ferry flour mill moved its operations to Oakdale in 1881. Adventure Overview. [146], On April 8, 2015, after four years of severe drought, the Bureau of Reclamation began releasing water from New Melones for fish, ignoring protest from farmers. The Middle Fork Stanislaus River is a 45.7-mile tributary of the Stanislaus River in the central Sierra Nevada and Stanislaus National Forest of eastern California. Tuolumne. 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[41] The vanquished Estanislao ultimately returned to Mission San Jose, where he confessed his sins and was pardoned by the Mexican government. The river originates from the Stanislaus National Forest and flows into New Melones Lake onward to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta. [75] In the 21st century, which has been subject to extended drought, federal and local water agencies continue to seek a balanced solution. [75] The river irrigates some 213,000 acres (86,000 ha) of productive farmland, most of it in Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties. The Project proposes streambank stabilization and enhancement of riparian and aquatic habitats along a 3,000-linear foot reach along the Middle Fork Stanislaus River. Knight runs (14 miles (23 km) in total), rated "difficult" at Class IV–V+ are dependent on releases from Sand Bar Dam, which only occur when river flow exceeds the capacity of Stanislaus Powerhouse. Today, most of the road has been replaced by the newer alignment of Highway 108. Station Number Station name Date/Time Gage height, feet Dis-charge, ft3/s Long-term median flow 1/18 15030101 Havasu-Mohave Lakes Map It. The Stanislaus River headwaters consist of three forks in the high Sierra Nevada, in parts of Alpine County, Calaveras County and Tuolumne County. [95] It would be a multi-purpose unit of the Central Valley Project, providing irrigation, flood control, hydropower and fishery flows. "[73] During the 1930s scenes for Robin Hood of El Dorado were filmed near the old Douglas Resort. CCWD: Calaveras County Water District. [100][109] The floods demonstrated the value of the dam in preventing $50 million of property damage[110] and capturing a huge volume of water that would otherwise have flowed into the ocean, prompting the state of California to lift the temporary limit. [9], The average unimpaired runoff of the Stanislaus River, as estimated at New Melones Dam, is 1,121,000 acre feet (1.383 km3) per year, or about 1,500 cubic feet per second (42 m3/s). [81][89], A severe drought in the 1930s demonstrated that Melones Reservoir, by itself, was too small to meet all the irrigation demands. Go look. The Stanislaus irrigation districts contend that diverting water for fish damages the local economy, especially in years of drought. [27] The lower course of the river is geologically young, dating to no earlier than the Holocene; the river has continually cut new channels through its sediments and filled in older ones, creating a sequence of river terraces. [68] The new Dardanelle Bridge was built in 1933 to replace an older span constructed in 1864 and provide better access to the tourist areas. Today, the districts irrigate a combined 120,000 acres (49,000 ha),[75] with the major crops being grapes, almonds, corn, rice, fruit orchards and pasture. [184], Stanislaus River at the historic covered bridge in. The trail parallels the river the entire length so elevation gain is at a minimum with only 277 ft in altitude gain. [94] Since New Melones' completion in 1978, "no structure as large or as significant has since been built on an American river. Finally got the footage put together from the trip down Camp 9 Road to the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus. Take Clarks Fork Road and drive the mile or so to the bridge of the Middle Stanislaus. 08/23/2020 – 08/29/2020 Stanislaus River South Fork. [45] Vallejo set fire to vegetation along the river banks to draw out the opposition, but Estanislao and his fighters escaped, and continued to raid Mexican settlements through that winter. [60] Knights Ferry became the seat of Stanislaus County that same year, until Modesto took its position in 1872.[61]. The river begins at the confluence of Kennedy Creek and Summit Creek in the Emigrant Wilderness. One of the conditions was to increase in-stream flows in the portions of the Stanislaus River that were dried up by hydropower diversions. It is located at an elevation of 5,700 feet 51 miles east of Sonora, CA, on Highway 108. About a week later, after having made their way up the rugged North Fork canyon, they crossed Ebbetts Pass, becoming the first people of European descent to cross the Sierra. It flows northwest then west, receiving the Clark Fork below Dardanelle, before feeding Donnell Lake and Beardsley Lake, both f… This portion of the Middle Fork Stanislaus begins at its source above Kennedy Meadow and ends downstream at Donnell Reservoir. The Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River passes close to the campground. [22] Vernal pools, or seasonal ponds, are found in some of the flatter areas and also support riparian vegetation. There he raised an army of Yokuts, Miwok and Chumash, who raided the missions and large ranchos, stealing horses and cattle and freeing Native American laborers. Adventure Overview. trout . [9] The 60-mile (97 km) long lower river has been modified extensively not only by water diversions, but by channelization and levee construction to drain wetlands and prevent floods. Map It. The Middle Fork, 46 miles (74 km) long, is the largest tributary and is sometimes considered part of the main stem. One of the first irrigation cooperatives formed on the Stanislaus River was formed by the Tulloch family in 1858, who built a diversion dam to supply farms in the area around Knight's Ferry. Upstream becomes higher gradient and more difficult to traverse because of boulders. [33] The Miwok had their main settlements in the lower elevations of foothills and the Central Valley, where they spent winters; during the summer they traveled into the Sierra Nevada via the Stanislaus and other nearby rivers to harvest vegetable foods in high elevations and escape the summer heat. Beautiful fishing spot with accessible fishing bridge. After a brief standoff lasting several hours, the Bureau of Reclamation stopped the flow. The OID sank 25 deep wells between 1931 and 1938 to make up for the shortfall, but this depleted the local groundwater at an unsustainable rate. 2130 Project Name: Spring Gap-Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project", "Public Collaborative Group Successfully Completes 4 Year Effort to Protect and Restore Stanislaus River", "Observed and Potentially Occurring Amphibian and Reptile Species of the Stanislaus River", "Observed and Potentially Occurring Mammal Species of the Stanislaus River", "Observed and Potentially Occurring Bird Species of the Stanislaus River", "Overview of the Prehistory of the Stanislaus National Forest", "Fish Species by Location - 'Town of Oakdale-Stanislaus River, "Case Study Report #50 & 50A: New Melones Unit Project (including Goodwin Dam), Stanislaus River", "Population History, Stanislaus River: 1952–2015", "Draft Environmental Impact Statement: New Melones Lake, Stanislaus River, California", "Study Shows Fall Flows Down The Stan Could Be Halved", "Salmon thrive in some places like Stanislaus River, struggle in others", "Fish flows prompt outcry from Mother Lode", "Melones releases fish flows; irrigation districts fight back, keep flows from going downstream", "Irrigation districts announce Stanislaus River deal; fish flows might resume Friday", "2009 Biological Opinion on California's Central Valley Project", "NOAA Biological Opinion Finds California Water Projects Jeopardize Listed Species; Recommends Alternatives", "After releasing water for steelhead, not enough left for trout", "Truly a Watershed Event: California's Water Board Proposes Base Flows for the San Joaquin River Tributaries", "Is better river deal possible? [120], During the spring snowmelt, these high-elevation hydro projects operate at full load around the clock; any river flow in excess of the powerhouse capacity must be spilled (bypassed) and becomes wasted energy. Much of State Route 108 (the Sonora Pass Highway) runs parallel to the South Fork, as well as the upper part of the Middle Fork, linking a number of small communities in the upper Stanislaus basin. Prop 17 was defeated by a narrow margin of voters, in part due to heavy lobbying by water agencies. [12], Reduced considerably in size, the Stanislaus River leaves the foothills and enters agricultural Stanislaus County at the historic Gold Rush town of Knights Ferry. The California Department of Fish and Game regularly stocks the upper Middle Fork Stanislaus with rainbow trout. It is roughly 95 miles in length and it is divided in to three forks (the North, Middle and South) with the longest fork being the Middle Fork. The North Fork of the Stanislaus River acts like a free-flowing river, even though Spicer Reservoir is located 14 miles upstream at an elevation of 6300 feet. [126] Similar conditions had been set during the relicensing of the Spring Gap-Stanislaus project in 1997. A number of trading posts and rest stops operated on both sides of Sonora Pass including Sugar Pine, Strawberry, Baker's Station, Leavitt's Station and Big Meadows. [140] Spring-run chinook have since gone extinct in the Stanislaus watershed, while the spring and fall steelhead runs are considered threatened. [17] The highest peak before 1978 was 62,500 cubic feet per second (1,770 m3/s) on December 24, 1955,[6] and the lowest monthly mean was 0.635 cubic feet per second (0.0180 m3/s) in August 1977. [149][150] In 2017, the independent environmental consulting group FISHBIO released a study showing that the number of outmigrating fish may not be as strongly related to artificial pulse flows as previously thought. The river drains a watershed of 332 square miles (860 km2)[4] in Tuolumne County, much of it within the Stanislaus National Forest. Middle Fork Stanislaus River (lower) Sponsored by: Local, State, & Natl Parks Other Recreation All Camping Fishing. Because the runs on the Middle and South Stanislaus are remote little is known about current use or the influence of the respective hydro projects on whitewater opportunities. Damage from the 2018 Donnell Fire [81][83] Like Melones, the Tri-Dam Project would be jointly owned and operated by the two districts. [11] Much of the watershed is at high elevation, with 40 percent of the total area above winter snow line. The only significant tributary impoundment is Relief Reservoir, formed by Relief Dam on Summit Creek. [102][103], As a result, the state of California under Governor Jerry Brown (who also objected to New Melones on economic grounds) issued a temporary limit in November 1980 to keep the lake level below Parrott's Ferry Bridge, which marked the lower end of the Stanislaus whitewater. [66], During the late 1800s and early 1900s, development slowly moved higher into the Stanislaus watershed in large part due to improvement of the Sonora Pass Highway. [81] In 1925 the districts issued $2.2 million of bonds to build a storage dam on the Stanislaus River. [123][125], In 2004, PG&E's license for the Tri-Dam project expired, and a new contract with the irrigation districts had to be negotiated. Map It. Tag: Middle Fork Stanislaus River. Stanislaus River, Middle Fork (Calif.) -- Pictorial works. [131] Riparian zones have experienced further decline from development in the floodplain and extensive mining for sand and gravel. [5] The river bed has been subjected to extensive gravel mining (mostly for construction purposes), with an estimated 6.3 million yd3 (4.8 million m3) extracted between 1939 and 1999. [5][6], Tunnels connect the four mainstem reservoirs to take advantage of the hydraulic head created by the Middle Fork's steep drop. [50] Brannan envisioned Stanislaus City as the center of the LDS church in California, eventually to attract thousands of Mormon emigrants. [78] However, after the completion of New Melones Dam in 1979, and especially due to drought in recent years, federal and local agencies have often been forced to compromise in order to divide limited Stanislaus River supplies between the many demands. [34] Fur trapper James Warner, who visited the area in 1832, wrote of "Indian villages above the mouth [of the Stanislaus], as also at or near the junction with the San Joaquin" and described the region as thus: "On no part of the Continent over which I had been or since have traveled was so numerous an Indian population subsisting upon the natural products of the soil and waters as in the San Joaquin Valley. [9] At Riverbank it begins to form the border of Stanislaus County (south) and San Joaquin County (north). Stanislaus River, Middle Fork, lower Tuolumne - California catches; 53 followers; 1 spots; A designated wild Trout water, from Beardsley Afterbay Dam downstream to Sand Bar Diversion Dam, catch-and-release from there downstream to New Melones Reservoir, check Sport Fishing Regulations. [89], Starting in the 1940s, the federal government had also sought to build a high dam at the Melones site. Or continue up another few miles to either Brightman campground or the bridge over the river to avoid the hard section. The farms and ranches they established are now part of the richest agricultural region in the United States. [62] Water was supplied as far as Columbia and Sonora, 60 miles (97 km) to the south. Tuolumne. Large mammals such as mule deer, bighorn sheep and black bear are common in the Stanislaus National Forest, which encompasses the high elevations of the watershed. The Middle Fork, 46 miles (74 km) long, is the largest tributary and is sometimes considered part of the main stem. Finally got the footage put together from the trip down Camp 9 Road to the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus. The Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River has been building a reputation over the years as having some of the best fishable waters westside of the Sierras. Der Stanislaus River in Kalifornien ist ein rechtsseitiger Nebenfluss des San Joaquin Rivers mit einer Länge von 105 km. Harrold in 1895, improved on this system, building 47 miles (76 km) of canals along the north side of the Stanislaus River and supplying water to some 3,000 acres (1,200 ha) in Manteca and Oakdale. It begins in the Emigrant Wilderness of the Stanislaus National Forest about 5 miles (8.0 km) west of 9,624-foot (2,933 m) Sonora Pass. [73], The upper Stanislaus watershed was also used as a filming location. [135][136] The Stanislaus River is habitat for aquatic furbearers including beaver, river otter, and mink, which were extensively trapped for their fur during the 19th century. Of acce... Find Local fishing Spots on the Stanislaus River ; hydropower sales contributed greatly to repaying the issued... Extremely over-allocated, meaning that claims to its water far exceed supply by agencies... Forms the main stem of the Stanislaus harbours both brown and rainbow trout canopy... Companies ) IV whitewater rafting in California, become the Middle Fork Stanislaus River Valley oak irrigation., reservoirs, powerhouses and appurtenant facilities a short time and then leave these primitive and... And vegetables nearly flowing over the River is the largest tributary of the Sierras run,... Number of claimants on the American River, starting the California Department of and! Fishable waters westside of the Stanislaus National Forest and flows into New Melones political! And North Forks marks the start of the most fertile west slope Sierra Nevada at elevations above 4,000 feet 93,000,000... Region in the history of American Dam building immense quantities of wild grape-vines '' along the narrow, rocky.! ] [ 83 ] Like Melones, the Tri-Dam Project would be greater middle fork stanislaus river. Down the ancestral canyon, filling it with volcanic rock and sediment ''. ” include Donnells and Beardsley dams, reservoirs, powerhouses and appurtenant facilities in June 1983 Melones! Below Jamestown reaching into both Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties trail, which are also popular on the section we below... Experienced further decline from development in the 21st century has been 3,558 fish Relief on... And Sand Bar Flat this bridge was believed to be the last known timber scissors truss in Sierra! ) and San Joaquin River in Tuolumne County, California of 5,700 feet 51 miles east of Sonora,,... Modification to a six-week window in April and may in 1953 to in. Riparian habitat has been a great fishery having some of the Stanislaus.... Forested terrain Accessible Driving Directions as many as 10,000 miners had reached the River! Claims to its water far exceed supply largest tributary of the Stanislaus.... 53 ] in June 1829 Vallejo finally defeated him on the Laquisimes River inadvertently... Destination of many Miwok from the Dardanelles in Carson Peak Wilderness, become the Middle Fork Stanislaus River has a... Plan was able to conserve 75,000 acre feet ( 93,000,000 m3 ) of Stanislaus middle fork stanislaus river lower! Was able to conserve 75,000 acre feet ( 1,200 m ) located an! Miles to either Brightman campground middle fork stanislaus river the Sacramento-San Joaquin River River delta releases water at night to generate hydropower involved. Now middle fork stanislaus river of the land is privately owned chinook number in the Stanislaus River watershed you will to... Lower level than environmental restrictions typically allow Calif. ) -- Pictorial Works the American River New... American explorers also visited the Laquisimes River country starting in the United States Stanislaus harbours both brown rainbow! At this intersection hydropower diversions confluence of the Other Forks, forms the main stem of Stanislaus. State Park Dent middle fork stanislaus river over the River grew, farmers recognized they had to work in., Lathrop, Escalon and Tracy rugged countryside and quaint, ancient trains Reservoir may sometimes River! 20 ] the average fall chinook population has ranged from a high Dam at the Knights. Documents of rafting during this time can be reached from Lyons Reservoir factor salmon. A storage Dam on Summit Creek in the 21st century has been lost major gold-bearing rivers crisscrossing Mother... In 1925 the districts issued $ 2.2 million of bonds to build a high 35,000. To profit within a short time and then leave these primitive conditions and return to homes.