Meanwhile, Will (Joel Kinnaman) and Hannah (Dominique McElligot) continue to fight the Underwoods for the White House. Claire's and Kelsey’s personal lives are entangled this season based on a mutual connection to Tom Yates, Claire’s former lover who last season … contractor Aidan Macallan (Damian Young) invaded the privacy of voters on a national level, but he suspiciously killed himself. Most important, Claire committed murder for the first time (that we know of), poisoning her lover, the writer Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), during sex. The audience might assume so, given the rocky relationship between Claire and Frank in season 5, but in the series finale Claire has a conversation with her … I feel like Tom Yates had become so insular to just Claire that I don't think anybody would give a shit if he's there. Claire’s working relationship with Thomas Yates (Paul Sparks), the author who’s writing a book about the Underwoods, blossoms into a Frank-approved affair during the second half of Season 4. Frank had friction with Doug, the man whose murderous … Season 5 ended with a slew of murders. Click to see full answer People also ask, how did Tom Yates die on House of Cards? All throughout the season, Claire continues her relationship with Tom Yates, the writer who had been working on a book about Claire and Frank. We don’t hear much about Tim Corbet again after this episode until Season 3, when Tim calls Frank after being contacted by Tom Yates, the man who is writing a book about Frank and Claire … Tom gives Claire the physical attention that never seems to be a part of her relationship with Frank, and she enjoys feeling wanted in this way.The season's eighth episode is when their dynamic starts to change. Claire and Tom Yates’s relationship has become increasingly resentful and stalker-y. The fifth season of "House of Cards" sees the return of Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), who might begin another affair with the first lady, Claire (Robin Wright). We find out that Tom Yates is … Claire herself partly answers this question - at the very least, ruling out the idea that the baby is definitely Tom's. The affair between Tom and Claire starts out simple enough but becomes something more complicated by season five, especially for Tom. Tom gives Claire the physical attention that never seems to be a part of her relationship with Frank, and she enjoys feeling wanted in this way. In the early part of the series, Frank, Claire and Edward Meechum get entangled romantically, and later, Claire’s relationship with the writer Tom Yates receives Frank’s support and encouragement.

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