The printer they use for Frosted (Ultra) Detail is a Projet HD 3000. Regarding the shipping, Shapeways has stated that normal production will take longer perhaps a couple of weeks longer but that there is a priority option that costs US$4.37 so about AU$6.00. Loonsbury has created a Python script that calculates the costs of printing your designs in 3D at Shapeways. Price check 3D printing costs at five online services at once August 15, 2012 Services i.Materialise , Kraftwurx , materials , Ponoko , Sculpteo , Shapeways From the Why Didn’t I Think of That! Shapeways gold printing page . These are the primary factors considered: Filament Consumption: The largest and most obvious cost is the consumable material used. Even if you don't use Shapeways it's an interesting script because it'll calculate the volume of any closed surface. Totally confused, I will have to wait until Shapeways gives the shop owners/designers a shop price list or some easy way to determine the new prices on mass. I show you how you can use my EXCEL calculation sheet to create quotes for customers. Charging by the hour is what works for me. ... Pricing shouldn't be hard to calculate. When you want to calculate the cost of a 3D print from your 3D printed it is very easy to do by measuring the weight of the finished 3D model. Shapeways lays out all material and handling costs here. Not too many folks considered paying me because a small … It comes with some nice features such as a manifold check (checks if the object has a closedRead More I created an excel document to quantify the true cost to produce 3D printed parts. Also, make sure you know what your expectations are. ... multiply by the price per cu cm and then add the fee and that's what it will cost you. Research costs are a valid expense too I think and one other thing neither of us have allowed for is the cost space to use the machine and store all its chemicals. If cost is a concern, then you can always look at one of the cheap 3D printer kits. The main point is to know all the costs of DIY 3D printing vs printing services before you commit to anything. Using Rhino’s powerful scripting system, we can create a script using Python that calculates the volume of an object, and then uses Shapeways materials costs to get a cost … Of course there is a lot of guestimates in these figures and if for instance the failure rate was significantly more, the cost could increase to beyond what Shapeways changes. department, today we bring you a novel idea for a website that’s both incredibly cool and vastly useful — 3D Printing Price Check . You only need a digital scale, preferably one that has sub gram accuracy, but up to 1 gram is fine too. This will allow you to build your own machine and dabble with the technology at your leisure. Shapeways' highest resolution prints are done in Frosted (Ultra) Detail. When I first started providing printing services, I was on the same model as ShapeWays, where I charged a per cubic cm/in fee, plus set up fee and etc. Whether you need to prototype one part or enable mass customization on a single product, Shapeways has the manufacturing technology to meet your needs 75+ Materials With over 75 materials ranging from versatile plastic to steel, aluminum and other precious metals, we have what you need for any case.

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