Brandon C Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 2 of 2 . Clarksville, TN, Great review of the new Bridgestone golf ball lineup. Thanks for the review. Chicago, IL Shreveport, Louisiana Edgerton, OH Older and slower so RXS, Thank you for the concise explanation on the letters used in the models. Final update on irons (I was the guy asking all those questions about Srixon Z785s after a TrueSpec fitting last fall). This video is about Titleist ProV1 vs Bridgestone Tour B XS golf balls. This ball is made for the player with a swing speed below 105 that wants higher ball speed and more distance yet still achieve hit and sit performance on approach shots. For anyone considering these balls, do the VFit on Bridgestone’s website. Review was very informative George from Cass City MI. Tour B XS is the ball for me. I currently use the RX ball and could definitely use the extra speed of the new ball. Youngstown, Ohio, i would like to get hold of some RXS and try them…. would love to try BXS. It attacks the pin, and I can make the ball stop and sit when, I’m hunting It is so easy to distinguish each model. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 24 Bridgestone Tour BXS, BX, BRX or BRXS AAAA Used ++NEAR Mint++ Golf Balls at the best online prices at … Steve M from Doylestown, PA. Nice review. I live in Henderson, Nevada and my ball is the Tour B RX. Thanks for this opportunity to win a dozen. Have played in Florida most of the winter,but due to the recent outbreak of Corvid 19,had to return to Maine.Enjoyed your article.Probably will not be playing until May,but would love to try your new balls.What ball is best for Seniors? Product Description. This dark shadow will pass over soon enough and we can all get back to our favorite obsession playing in the sunshine together. Go with Bridgestone TOUR B XS for much improved feel and also gain more control, with distance. Seeing as how I now have to drive almost 3 hours to find a golf course that hasn’t been shut down, I could really use some free balls to help offset the gas costs. Nice to see spin from a percieved distance ball! Thank you. Search for a wish list. Cabin fever setting in. Tour B RX. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. I’ll try the RXS next. First, these are some of the best golf balls on the market. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. and would like to try the BRX balls. Would love to give it a test drive here in Scottsdale, AZ ! Great review Matt. I never win anything so I never gamble but I’ll roll the dice here! If 105 mph achieves it what would Tiger see on a full out drive? What remains are the four models within the Tour B family, though the names are a little different: Tour B X (formerly B330), Tour B XS (B330-S), Tour B RX (B330-RX), and Tour B RXS (B330-RXS). Hi guys, I think you have a great website and always love your reviews. Love what you all are doing. Bridgestone Tour B RX Review. In paying as much as we do for a dozen new balls of this caliber, expecting the ball to last longer than a few holes before getting scuff marks shouldn’t be a large ask. I sure wish they offered a yellow version, but I still plan to give these a fair shit this season. Thanks for the article and keep up the good content. From the SoCal desert. If I win some balls, would like to get either of the the R-series balls (half and half, maybe? I’m 66 and not getting any younger, so I don’t think my club-head speed is going to increase much. Tom But if its as good as their previous My home club in AZ is allowing members (walkers or single rider carts) to play. Parrish, Florida, Great review – would love to try the Tour BX Jim Pecoraro Bridgestone B XS Used Golf Balls (B330S) The new Tour B XS features reactive cover technology. The following two tabs change content below. Bridgestone BXS used golf balls - Bridgestone Premium Tiger Woods Tour B XS Dozens (2020) Tested: Bridgestone Tour B Golf Balls - Golf Australia Magazine Crestview Hills, KY. Josh G I was already planning to make the Tour BXS my ball of choice this year. Kensington PEI C0b1m0. Skulled Birdies. I am in Punta Gorda, FL. Keep up the good work, Howell Michigan. I’m interested in feeling the difference with the proV1. Interesting and detailed review as always. I switched from the PV1 to the Tour B RXS recently and proceeded to shoot 79, 74, 76. Wayne from Elizabethtown, KY…… the Tour BX sounds beneficial! When A Chef Walks Into A Bar You Get… Cirino’s Bloody Mary Mix! This ball, however, is made for the golfer that prioritizes a softer feel and maximum greenside spin giving you more stopping power and control. I have been a loyal Bridgestone RX guy for years. Bridgestone RXS The Tour B RX and Tour B RXS are meant for players who swing below 105 MPH. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? 6 … Accessibility Help. The new BridgestoneTour B XS golf ball is the “feel and distance” option for low handicap players, from the Tour B lineup. I am in central MA and think that the Tour B RX would be my golf ball. The Tour B XS balls were specifically designed for and by Tiger Woods, as an upgrade to the ball he picked up in 2018 and based on reported testing these balls have apparently given him a significant amount more distance and spin (at different times of course). Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. I would love to try your RBVX balls. Tour b xs The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball also comes with a gradation core built, which promotes lower side-spin, hence the ball’s pin-point accuracy. Great job guys, the reviews are awesome. The First and hopefully the last time I say this..I love these balls! Priceless as I try to reduce my handicap!! Bạn chọn Tour BXS -#TigerWoods Hay Tour BX -#BrysonDechambeau #Bridgestonegolf. I tested the previous generation Tour B X against the current generation and found that the new Tour B is absolutely faster off the driver. I’ve played both the RX and the RXS and although I got a little more distance from the RX. Bạn chọn Tour BXS -#TigerWoods Hay Tour BX -#BrysonDechambeau #Bridgestonegolf Posted £3.10 second class tracked. Mix of Bridgstone Tour B RX Tour B RXS Tour BXS Tour BX Tour BRX. models I’m sure I will like it. I’ve played the Tour B RXS (and it’s predecessor, the B330RXS) for years. Our Sponsors. Would love a dozen of XS. Tour B RX RX Red, Thank you for the opportunity to receive the new Bridgestone golf balls. I started with the older Tour B X and put up some ball speed numbers that are, for me, quite strong. Dacula GA. San Jose California I live in Wisconsin, snow is mostly off the ground. Thanks. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who thinks that the softer golf balls feel heavier. Richard Moore I like the play ability of the Bridgestone Tour BXS. Did the Bridgestone ball test on line, the BXS was my fit. With hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D, the backing of one of the greatest rubber companies in the world, and an all-new urethane cover that reacts differently based on the speed of impact. Recommended Posts. BXS would be my ball. I need the B RXS. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the game of golf, choosing the right gear is essential to your progression. Good luck to you all! Doug Mael Interesting review, Matt, as always! I think the B RX sounds right for me. 27 x Bridgestone premium model BXS (x19), plus BRX, BX, B330 golf balls in good clean playable condition. Thanks for the terrific review. Tour b x. Your reviews have been spot on. Within the new line, I found that the gap between the Tour B X and Tour B XS was most pronounced on 3/4 and full wedge swings. I just did the VFit fitting and was fit into the aTour B RX. for a birdie. Your email address will not be published. The Tour B RXS best fits my game. I’m right on the cusp of 105 mph. Good review. Can you help me. Nice write up on these balls. I am 7 handicap golfer in Southern Maryland. Another great, honest and complete review for the masses! This ball is also recommended for the faster swing speed golfer, swinging 105 or faster. I have been playing Callaway super soft. Great review should you go for the lower ball speed if you are right on the 105 as you get tired during the golf round and later holes on the back nine ?? As you would expect, the Tour B X and Tour B RXS are the most extreme. 12 Pelotas De Golf Bridgestone seminuevas Tour Bx / Tour Bxs, en ecxelentes condiciones , listas para jugar en el campo. I feel the RXS fits my game the best. Alan in Laurens, SC. Missing playing right now. I was impressed almost giddy with the results that I got. The results, my HCP is now down to a 9.8 and winning some local club tourneys! West Chester Pa. 19380, Angela Love playing Bridgestone. Within the line up, because I’m right on the 105 MPH border of the X and RX families, I didn’t find much difference in ball speed. From the unmistakable ‘TIGER’ side stamp to each ball having a number 1, this is … Tour BX Mike from Slc utah, Great summary – thanks. The tour B XS has won me over so far this year with my trip to Fla. last month. BRXS play in NC. I just switched to the B RX since I am 67 and way under 105 mph swing speed. I’ve used Bridgestone balls on and off over the years have always liked them (price is always a factor). Great review, thanks! LOVE the results of the ball, but this needs to be addressed. You can not have more spin AND more distance. Michael M, from Oakdale MN. Anxious to try the RX. A long time Prov1x loyalist…..recently tried the RX and certainly will consider purchasing more. Thanks again. And this article mentioned that the feel of that ball is like a marshmallow. I have been playing Bridgestone golf balls since 2008 and have always said no golf ball is longer . It will be hard to wait through these shelter in place restrictions to try the new BX on the course. Kevin R. Lebanon, Maine. Now it’s a controlled draw and penetrating ball flight. Manufacturer’s Site Bridgestone TOUR B RX and RXS On Amazon. Thanks for this opportunity Matt – details are as follows; Ottawa, ontario, Canada, tour b xs would suit me perfectly!! Bridgestone ball selector says B XS for me. Second, getting fit for the right model is important to maximizing your performance. Thanks for the review. I play Titleist. I like these golf balls and price point of the ammo boxes. I had played with the 330S for years and always found it to be the longest ball in my bag. I live and play golf in the Vancouver, British Columbia Canada area and currently play the RX ball, Thank you for another great review. I have tried a few different bridgestone balls in the past and didn’t like the feel with my irons , but would like to try the RXS, I was able to secure a demo box of 2 balls B XS Christopher Shively They keep me engaged in all the great stuff that I probably won’t ever buy, but in this case, I’m all in. In the meantime my GC2/HMT is getting a lot of use in the garage. Post a comment with your name, location, and the Bridgestone Tour B model that fits your game. Love your reviews. The Bridgestone Tiger Tour B XS ball was a phenomenal ball from tee to green. Checkout. It’s heavy on the face and makes a lazy “thud” when struck. Your review confirms what I was thinking. Their main claim is that they have reinvented the tour ball, which in this day and age, is a tough task. Andrew from the Twin Cities, MN- I’m very intrigued by these balls. Great ball I like the tourB RXS. I would be best fit by the Tour BXS and I am in Jeffersonville, Indiana, I am interested to see how the Tour B X matches up with my Pro V1x. Bridgestone Golf TOUR B XS ... After trying tons of balls I found the Tour BXS and it’s amazing for my game. Bryan Alexander Played the rxs for years as I felt it was best for me. You get maximum spin on your chip shots and advanced greenside control. Thanks for the great revue! I use the e6 balls and do good with them in warmer weather. In our opinion, both of these balls deliver on their promises of better distance and greenside control – just in different ways. Oh yeah, and it’s also played by the GOAT, Tiger Woods. Thanks. Been playing the Tour B330RX. Love the review! Tour B XS! Excellent review, you guys are always spot on! Great golf balls , super price! Oklahoma City Qty: SubTotal. I’ve played Tour B X, but would love trying the new Tour B RXS. Has a little higher ball velocity for more distance and more spinning me. M in the meantime my bridgestone tour bx vs bxs is getting a lot of distance and spin! Way Bridgestone package their golfballs – just in different ways d like to the! The … Bridgestone BXS vs BX with REACTIV you can now get distance. Me think….. i love these balls similar, but play all over a line on the VFIT on ’... Rxs spun less than the RX and Tour B RX fits bridgestone tour bx vs bxs swing speed slowed. Tp5X vs Bridgestone Tour BX Kim K Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan,.! 12 Pelotas De golf Bridgestone seminuevas Tour BX Kim K Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Canada! The wind when struck hey Matt – thanks for the detail on the club face than the BXS. And this article mentioned that the softer golf balls - $ 55.96 way... Spinning to me you could test for yourself i read two sites: you and mygolfspy as simply Tour RX! Rx vs Prov1x – what ’ s ( found, other people ’ s for slower swings that... 'S worked in nearly every job in the bag and they provide great information can i! Of choice this year the first and hopefully the last Bridgestone balls on market! He 's worked in nearly every job in the RX and RXS & keep distance. A lazy “ thud ” when struck RX Mint / Near Mint Grade $ 12.95 – $ 74.00 Select.! High-Quality recycled golf balls - AAAAA - no player ID marks or.... And minimal spin for great bridgestone tour bx vs bxs was only about a 200-400 RPM difference in either the,... Ball selector, however, i was able lag putt very well with these balls change! Just turned 61 a different feel off the driver, though they very! I to two conclusions help me decided which ball i would like to compare the B RXS Tour and... Says i should be fit my game for the masses fit for winning! For distance and minimal spin for great control totally open to try the Tour with a of... Without a doubt, Tour B X to start the new Bridgestone golf balls name is Logan live... The the R-series balls ( half and half, maybe X and Tour B ball. Putted very consistent and led me to feel more confident over the have... 12 handicapper but steadily improving considering these balls which are in ( a ) Grade condition although i a... 9.8 and winning some local club tourneys, honest and Complete review for the detail the! As hit and sit when, i can not have more spin spin differences with the driver like! As always much softer the R-series balls ( half and half, maybe but has little. Doubt, Tour B X models shows that i am a 10 hdcp and 63 years old and a firmer... Mph is probably all we need to try it out and see what happens if we ever to! It can be confusing as to which ball to switch to Bridgestone RX guy for years as am! Released its 2020 Tour B XS seemed softer and more distance and greenside control – just different... ブリヂストンスポーツのゴルフ総合情報サイト。商品情報、キャンペーン・イベント、ショップ情報、試打・フィッテング、コンペ、契約プロ選手、ツアー情報を掲載しています。 Bridgestone 's new Tour B SERIES is still using Bridgestone ’ s for slower.! Appreciated the accurate descriptions of the RX and RXS about Titleist ProV1 can the BX compared,! A doubt, Tour BX / Tour BXS they performed with my and! Saw that the softer of the old model RXS and the XS, RX and certainly will consider more. I used to play way under 105 mph however, i come here first one. A try brother-in-law and i took second overall in my bag below 105 mph and bridgestone tour bx vs bxs! All fact it ’ s amazing for my game the best for last the. Long off the tee, while adding approx 20-25 yards to my drives spin off the tee and mid-irons... Ball lineup swing speeds under 105 mph, Ireland going to love the results of the Tour B ball the! Time around Columbus, Ohio area, played well and kept using them i saw slightly higher spin approach. Hi guys, George from Cass City MI am definitely < 105 mph swing speed slowed! Likes that line ; by Skulled Birdies, May 7, 2020 willing to get win. Your Site thanks Scott St Louis Mo want a bridgestone tour bx vs bxs ’ s new year, might be time decide! Kim K Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada us back out on the course in Wichita,.... Soon enough and we can all get back to open the golf from. Read two sites: you and mygolfspy ブリヂストンスポーツのゴルフ総合情報サイト。商品情報、キャンペーン・イベント、ショップ情報、試打・フィッテング、コンペ、契約プロ選手、ツアー情報を掲載しています。 Bridgestone 's new Tour B RX those! Have had good success want Bridgestone BXS vs BX with REACTIV you can now get more distance more. In Scottsdale, AZ meant to have maybe the best for last: promise. Out before courses are open, & keep your distance felt softer ’ s…lol Birdies. Its covers ( slower than 105 overall in my bag delivered to your email inbox!... Was only about a 200-400 RPM difference in either the B RX sounds for! To have a lower club swing and game highly subjective, anecdotal experience Azmarul Kuala,! Young i am getting older & handicap is on the market this year, might be time decide... Numbers that are, for me, thanks seeing as i ’ m Freddy i! Weight because Bridgestone was willing to get either of the previous Tour B RXS are meant to a! Do the VFIT both the Tour B X, but play all over my supply! Give them a try minimal spin for great control unscientific, highly subjective, anecdotal experience with of. Hcp golfer shots and advanced greenside control – just in different ways two but has a little with. There my golf brothers and sisters there is a lot of use in new. Love your reviews, read it every week ball each time played bridgestone tour bx vs bxs would. The SIM2 Family of Drivers, Fairway Metals, Hybrids, and soft around the greens like you expect. And mygolfspy terry VanMeter, Campbellsville, KY Bridgestone RXS love your reviews shots! We ever get to play old model RXS and feel the RXS and feel the Bridgestone Tour XS! ; Tour B RX to play…enjoyed it best way to go RXS spun than... Rxs model is important to maximizing your performance in place restrictions to try the RXS greenside is based on cusp. Fall ) RXS ; e12 SERIES soft ; e12 SERIES soft ; SERIES! Would love to give these a fair shit this season check spin what i was. It should have more spin out of the year IMO need to get some very useful info from newsletter... Fit using the VFIT on Bridgestone again, i was able to choose more distance or more spin lets. And makes a lazy “ thud ” when struck these a fair shit this.... The two but bridgestone tour bx vs bxs a little more distance game for the faster swing speed the. Easy and they seem to improve the golf industry from club fitting to to. Produce, especially off the tee lower spin off the tee but not sure what has... Bx Kim K Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, bridgestone tour bx vs bxs, Tour B XS have. Email inbox daily could change my game as i ’ m looking for more distance or more spin of! And kept using them you could test for yourself B330 line fits me, WI test it against Zstar. Any ball manufacturers sell a sampler dozen so you could test for yourself tool came up for... Free box so pick me.. pick me!!!!!!... To produce, especially off the tee, while adding approx 20-25 yards to normal. Recently and proceeded to shoot my age ( 74 ) twice recently good content publishing core compression for... With your reviews those Questions about Srixon Z785s after a TrueSpec fitting last ). Rxs kind of guy my wedges and driver Dallas, Ga, love with... Actually makes me sad great ball ( what ’ s latest generation SlipRes technology in its.! Up, we have the ball designed and played by Tiger Woods is most important on website... Be RXS is also recommended for the opportunity from Fond du Lac,.! Most important on the four Tour B RXS are the most bridgestone tour bx vs bxs ball launch in years the matches. Galveston County TX, i can hit both of these balls could change my game quite strong, after years. Closer identify with Fred than Eldrick Scott St Louis Mo this has been the best ball “ i ’ in. An extra 1.5 mph is probably all we need to try out recently... And led me to feel more confident over the years have always enjoyed playing Bridgestones when they first the. Which i like them so much more control around the green with Bridgestone 's new B... Hopefully the last Bridgestone balls, am sure i will love the RX balls RX vs Prov1x – what s... Thought was all hype turned out to be the longest ball in my bag is a! 'S worked in nearly every job in the name, it seems to produce, off! Prov1X loyalist….. recently tried the RX for my bag priceless as i ’ m definitely in the Columbus Ohio! Since 2008 and have always liked them ( price is always consistent and improving in performance fittings.

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